Meal Planning Monday

Here we are again, ploughing our way through January. I’m not complaining – one step closer to Spring! Not that I don’t love winter, but spending so much time outside at work makes me look forward to warmer days.

In terms of meals last week we were fairly on track…we swapped sweet potato topping for normal potato topping on the cottage pie, went to friends for tea on Friday and had onion soup Sunday lunch, my hubby spotted a fun pasta recipe on the back of some intriguing pasta in Tesco so we had that on Saturday instead. If you want to see how the onion soup went, just click here. Ooh and homemade naans were pretty good! Not the same as in the restaurant, but they tasted a bit naan-esque. I used a recipe from BBC Good Food, but next time would like to try this oneΒ from The Guardian. Not sure it’ll fit in this week, but hopefully soon πŸ™‚ So, onto this week’s menu.



Chicken Chow Mein, recipe from Sweaty Mummy. We took a special trip to Tesco to get all the ingredients, I’m excited!


Leftovers – trying to find a way to change onion soup a bit so that we can finish off everything that’s left (I wasn’t a huge fan)…we’ve got half a butternut squash in the fridge, not sure those two go together that well though?!


Feta and Spinach pasta, recipe from Half a Pot of Cream. Also very much looking forward to this, I love spinach πŸ™‚


Sausage and bean bake, I did find a recipe, can’t remember which one it was now…


Cottage pie (such a good recipe from Hairy Bikers) or Lasagne.


Not entirely sure, we might have family up,Β so we shall see.


Tea at church.

Inbetween all that, there’ll hopefully be much smoothie/iced tea drinking. I’m getting into our Magimix blender that we bought cheaply off some friends who moved back to America. It’s been sitting gathering dust for ages, so it’s good to put it to good use πŸ™‚

Head on over to At Home With Mrs M for some more meal plans πŸ˜€


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