Oh Friday, my good friend. So glad to see the back of Thursday, I’ve decided that it’s my least favourite day of the week. Thirty 5 year olds getting changed for PE? Nightmare. I wouldn’t be surprised if I genuinely have nightmares about it. “You need to put your trousers on BEFORE your shoes…Yes, you can leave your pants on…why are you running round the classroom with no clothes on?!…I don’t know where you put your t-shirt…please put your pants back on!…can’t you put your own trousers on?!…you’ve put your t-shirt on inside out and back to front”…Oh my goodness. I lost the will to live as they were getting dressed again, I could have cried. Genuinely, shaky voice and holding back my tears. Throw getting ready for lunch into the mix, I was ready to collapse in a pile on the floor.

However, #littleloves is all about loving things, so let’s do that! Despite the madness that was yesterday (and today – flour, cocoa powder, water and some very excitable children = one big fat mess), there has been lots to love and enjoy this week 🙂


Lord of the Rings, with a bit of Hairy Dieters thrown into the mix. The Fellowship is now about to leave Lothlórien, and I made hummus.


Hercules! Both the one with the Rock and the Disney version…Disney wins 🙂


This snuggly warm jumper…


[Apparently holding the camera up is the way to take a slightly more flattering photo…slightly]

It’s my hubby’s jumper, so a bit baggy on the shoulders, but so warm…I’m sitting here, no heating on, it’s probably below freezing outside…not too bad!


Hmm. The radio! Not much to be excited about, but our old car didn’t have a working radio, so having one in the car we have now is a real treat 🙂


Smoothies! And hummus. And chicken chow mein. All about the food this week 🙂

DSC_0006And lastly…

We just spent about 2 hours giving the flat a good clean and tidy to be ready for the Mr’s brother and wife coming to stay. You never really realise how much dirtiness and mess there is until you start to sort it out…it felt so good to clean the bathrooms, sort out the piles of clothes and letters, finally write that cheque for the garage (for a car we no longer own!), clear the dining room table…we still ate in front of the TV, but at least we no longer have any excuses 🙂


It’s a lovely end to a manic week, looking forward to celebrating my hubby’s 20 year anniversary of coming to the UK and being adopted with his family 🙂

Linking up with But Why Mummy Why, sharing the love of little things 🙂



14 thoughts on “#LittleLoves

  1. A Little Londoner

    Ooh your hummus looks divine, I’ll be def trying that! You look so pretty in your picture, can’t beat oversized jumpers.i love a good clear out, maybe not doing it so much, but the aftermath is the best feeling!x

    1. Alice W Post author

      Aww thank you that’s so sweet 🙂 I want to try classic hummus too, think the ingredients are a bit more snazzy though. Hehe we’ll see how long the tidiness lasts..! Xx

  2. Louisa

    I love hummus but have never made my own (yet). You look fab in your jumper. I always borrow my husbands too but don’t think I quite carry it off! #littleloves

  3. mydaysni

    Ha ha. My wee boy is 4 and in P1, but they only have to change their shoes at this stage – I bet even just that is challenging. Humous looks amazing, I used to make it years ago, I really must start again. Keep that jumper handy, snow is forecast this week xx

    1. Alice W Post author

      I know, I forget that they are, actually, really quite little. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t change myself at that age. Argh more snow?! Not sure how I feel about that :p I’ve been having the hummus in my lunchbox with some celery and it really takes away the desire for chocolate…then I get home and make straight for the biscuit tin…! Ah well xx

  4. Alice W Post author

    It’s not everyone’s cup of tea :p aww thank you! Pancakes with homemade toffee sauce…we had them for my hen do, such a tasty treat. We’ve had them the past 2 weekends (with maple syrup), definitely want to keep this habit up. Life’s too short not to eat pancakes! Xx

  5. butwhymummywhy

    It always takes someone coming to visit to kickstart me into a big clean! So glad we’ve not got visitors coming now, our house is atrocious, haha! Hope you’ve had a good week xxx


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