Peaks and troughs

How well would that title have worked if I’d actually taken a picture of a trough today?! I’m keeping it anyway, I’m proud of it.

We were having a family day today to celebrate my hubby’s 20 years since moving to England/being adopted, so the whole clan was up. We had pancakes and smoothies for breakfast with Brother 1 and his wife, then took a drive to Eyam in the Peaks to their parents house, and headed out for a stroll with Brother 2, wife and toddler (after brownie iced with glacΓ© icing – incredible combo).

It was BEAUTIFUL. After about a week of grey skies and snowy/icy ground, it was so lovely to wake up to blue sky peeping through the window this morning. There was still snow on the ground out in Eyam, pretty icy too…my father-in-law and hubby pulled me along as I ‘skated’ – so fun.

Even though it was midday, the sun was low in the sky and casting this amazing golden light on the hills and the snow. Love love love it.





But suitable for us πŸ™‚



My father-in-law told me that he seriously considered putting an offer in on that barn to convert would have been a really beautiful spot, if a little tricky to get to!










Snowball fight! I got smacked in the back of the head (by accident), but chose not to join in. My little niece LOVED it, she was laughing her cute little head off at everyone throwing snow at each other and her πŸ™‚

After the walk, it was into the cars to meet Brother 3 and family at Pizza Hut for lunch, followed by bowling! Hollywood Bowl, so many memories of parties there when I was little…it’s got all jazzed up with funky neon lights, and bowling shoes are no longer obligatory. It was slightly manic with two 1-year olds running round, but it was so fun chilling out as a family, something that doesn’t happen a lot with us all living across the country. I hope we still make time for it as kids grow up and more arrive πŸ™‚


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