Meal Planning Monday

For the first time ever, I’m actually sitting at my desk writing this post – rather than lounging on the sofa. Big thanks to my Mr for clearing it on Friday, we had family coming so it was a good reason to sort out the flat.


Ready to plan my life

Meals-wise, last week was pretty alright. We followed the plan til Thursday, when hubby had leftover pasta and I made an omelette, then Friday we made sausage pasta cos I had neither the time nor resources to make a tomato sauce for a sausage and bean hotpot recipe. It’s one of our favourite meals so we both enjoyed the change 🙂

DSC_0002So, what does this week have in store? Well, I’ve written down what food we have, found recipes to use it, then hopefully next week we can maybe start using Hairy Dieters this space!



Lasagne – got all the meat out of the freezer to make it on Saturday but there wasn’t enough time so they’ll have to be used asap.


More Chicken Chow Mein! Still got veg from last week (amazingly still ok to eat), so need to use them up.


Butternut squash soup…still got half of one in the fridge, it seems to have fared ok..!


I’m fairly sure we’ll need a leftovers night 🙂


Spanish-style Chicken Bake, à la Hairy Bikers. Just realised I’m babysitting so it’ll have to be an early tea.


Burns Night ceilidh at church, so haggis it is…last time I lathered it in ketchup, not sure if I’d like it on it’s own…sorry Scotland.


Tea at church (and hello February!).

I was loving the smoothies last week, so think I’ll keep that trend up. One small glass kept me going til lunchtime, not something even a bowl of weetabix can achieve!

Head over to At Home With Mrs M for more meal planning inspiration 🙂


6 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday

    1. Alice W Post author

      Thank you! I’m going to go for it, I’d love to try some proper proper Haggis up in Scotland sometime… Hope you have a great week too! Xx


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