Oh my darling Clementine…


We got a box of these babies around Christmas time, and boy oh boy, they were the sweetest, juiciest little bundles of orangey goodness (thanks Aldi). When we spotted a box in Lidl this week, I grabbed them straight away, adamant that I could eat my way through them (after questioning my hubby for choosing a big batch of blood oranges). I had one last night – I bit tough to get into, a little bit sour…then I took one for lunch today. SO sour, I felt like I could’ve been eating a lemon!


On returning from work, I decided that I won’t be able to eat my through the box after all. To Google for inspiration! I came across this little gem of a page which has 14 suggested recipes. I wouldn’t use all of them, but white chocolate and clementine cookies? Yes please. A clementine smoothie? Maybe. I hadn’t even thought of simply squeezing them for the juice 🙂 Might have to add a bit of sugar?

Cookies will be a Saturday job, we’ll see how it goes. One of my best friends is moving to London this weekend after getting a job this week, so we’re going for a snowy walk (it snowed again – joy) and hot chocolate Saturday morning. I can’t believe it’s Friday already tomorrow, where did the week go?! YEY nearly the weekend 😀


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