Meal Planning Monday

Well hello there last week of term. In my opinion, it cannot come quickly enough. Work last week was pants. Food last week was tasty though 🙂 I am loving Hairy Dieters recipes, they’re so flavoursome. We’re doing a couple more this week, as well as some non-Hairy recipes to use up what’s left in the fridge. We’re going to need to address all of the frozen meals in the freezer soon, I feel like there’s a limit to how long you can freeze something for? Ah well, that’s a job for another week!



Crisp Italian Chicken & Polenta – I asked my hubby to buy some polenta last week. I needed 3tbsp, he bought 2 kg 🙂 thus we need to find some recipes using polenta. Hopefully this one will use the packet that we’ve opened, then got 3 more to get through. It seems to be pretty versatile so should be fun 🙂


Feta and Spinach pasta (recipe here)


Paprika Chicken (Hairy Dieters, didn’t make it last week)


It’s the Mr’s birthday, and we’ve got a training thing at church in the evening, so some friends have invited us for tea 🙂


Italian Meatballs (HD)/potentially meal out


Valentine’s Day, therefore definitely not venturing out! It’ll be a leftovers kind of night I think.


Tea at church.

Et voilà. I’m linking up with #mealplanningmondays at At Home With Mrs M to share and be inspired by meal plans 🙂 I’ve also set up an instagram account, so head on over if you fancy it.



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