Feeling pants this evening. Am I saying that every week? I think so. Here’s to a relaxing half term of recharging the batteries, ready to be a more patient and gentle presence in the classroom in 10 days time 🙂


Again, Lord of the Rings. 72% of the way through, well into Return of the King. The Big Battle has happened, some peeps are now marching to Mordor to keep Sauron distracted to give Frodo a clear run at Mount Doom. I still, however, have 6 hours of reading left according to my Kindle. Bring. It. On.

There’s a kind of informal book club at school, where people read a book then they discuss it on Facebook every month. I’m tempted to join, it’d definitely introduce me to different genres of books that I wouldn’t usually read..


Secret Life of 4 year olds – it’s amazing how advanced their language is when I think about a good half of the kids in my class…it’s amazing how much stimulation at home can help a child develop 🙂

Just watched the Boxtrolls – a really fun film, I love that it seems to be a cross between computer and plasticine animation [NB: just googled it – it’s stop motion…WOW]. A pretty cute story too, I recommend it.


The box (wahey) does funny things to your eyes…I don’t know the words – 3D? Holographic? Not sure.


My Christmas boots are having a few more outings (you know which boots I’m talking about, obviously?!)…I still need to treat them with some protector-ness, but I love them so am wearing them anyway.

20150213_201709Moshulu boots, new favourite shoes.


Nothing much different really! Goodness me, I’m not being very imaginative this week am I? Hmm what have I heard a lot of…singing Happy Birthday! We had a birthday on Monday, then 2 on Thursday (kids at school), and it was my hubby’s birthday Thursday too, so plenty of Birthday Singing and Birthday Talk (one boy has told me about 5 times that he’s got a new red motorbike. And Olivia is getting a Frozen dress from her Nanan and Grandad, and Anna, Mia and Renny are coming for tea).


Some progress with my knitting (finally), nearly onto colour 4!! Can’t wait for this yellow to be finished, then it’ll look odd adding grey before moving into blues. Exciting times.


No knitting photo, but here’s my lovely knitting bag.

And lastly…

I have an Instagram account…only a few years late. If you fancy taking a look, click on the badge (here’s hoping that it appears…!). It’s fun playing with the filters and taking photos of bits and pieces of life, which I often do with the intention of doing a blog post about it, but this never happens because I’m generally just really bad at doing what I plan to. Instagram is a perfect solution 🙂


Linking up with But Why Mummy Why, sharing the love of little things 🙂



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