A Walk (or two) in the Peaks

There are many great reasons to live where we do, but one of the main ones has to be its close vicinity to the beautiful Peak District. I grew up here, so have taken it for granted most of my life. We would regularly go on family walks out, whether that was a mad dash on the moors playing the crocodile game (you have to stay on the rocks and not touch the ground or the crocodile will get you!), a hike up to Peveril Castle in Castleton, or a slightly more serious walk up some hills (not sure how many of these me and my little sister would have taken part in though!). We’d stop for a cream tea at one of the pubs and/or an ice cream up on Burbage. A few years before my parents split up, we’d make a pasta tea on a Sunday evening and head out in the car to find a spot to eat. So many good memories 🙂

When me and my Mr started going out, we’d sometimes go to the Peaks for walks – I can remember one trip where we both (stupidly) wore Converse and got wet feet after walking through a bog. One of the first pictures of us was taken on that walk.


Not our most flattering moment. This was nearly 6 years ago. Whaaaaat.

So, in short, the Peaks is a great place and I love it. Love love love it. I’ll often head out with my Mum for a good walk, we’ve tried some unchartered territory, and after doing Duke of Edinburgh practices here, I feel that I’ve covered a fair bit of ground. A classic line to hear from me and my sisters is, “I’ve been here on D of E!”. Of course, there are some not so joyful memories stirred up from that as well..(getting lost on Kinder Scout, walking to our campsite in the pitch black after a day of rain, not getting there til 1130pm and having to put up a tent. Every supervisor’s nightmare, that’s what we were!).

Moving swiftly on. The last few times we’ve been out to the Peaks, we’ve done pretty much the same walk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely walk (made even lovelier by snow!), but short and not very high, so no spectacular views (sorry for the quality of these photos, I nabbed them off my hubby’s facebook).




That brings us up to this week. Half term – yey! And the sun is finally poking through those clouds. On Sunday, we set off for a quick wander before church. We decided on Hathersage, parked the car and got out. We intended to stick to the village, but as we had our boots on, we decided to take a potter through some fields too 🙂



Mud mud mud! 


The last remnant of a snowman…unless they only built him a head in the first place…?



CAKE at Cintra’s in Hathersage. SO GOOD.

It just felt so good being out. Like really out. Proper fresh air (once we got away from all the cars!). This made me even more determined to get us out for a proper walk, like where you have to pack a picnic and snacks and take a map. The last time we attempted an all day walk was years ago…it was the day that I learned that my then-boyfriend-now-husband is NOT a morning person. He was quietly waking up as we plodded along and I nagged nagged nagged, “What’s wrong? Why are you so quiet? What’s on your mind? Are you ok?”. I’ve now learnt that he just needs time to wake up on a morning.

I’ve realised that this post is just going ON and ON, and there are so many beautiful (proper camera) photos I want to put up, so I’ll save our walk from today for another time. We’re off on another adventure tomorrow – climbing and caving! A Christmas present from my sister, here’s hoping that Mr’s slight fear of heights and my slight fear of enclosed spaces won’t stop us having a great time…!


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