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An award – how exciting!! I was nominated by Janice from Life with Little Men…and a Little Lady (thank you!) the other week, and thought it’s about time I did my post thingy on it. As far as I understand, it’s about encouraging new(ish) bloggers and lovely stuff like that. So, I have to mention the person who nominated me, share 7 facts about myself, and nominate some other peeps – and leave a comment on their blog so they know about it.


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Erm, so. Seven facts. About me. Hmm.

1) I love languages.

2) I was too scared to watch films when I was younger – I didn’t see most of the Disney classics til I was at secondary school. I’m now a big fan.

3) I first tried a grape when I was 18.

4) I’m fairly sure that I’ve seen every single Friends episode ever. Probably multiple times.

5) I eat cheese and ketchup sandwiches – yes, it’s a thing and it is GOOD.

6) I’m a slight major control freak in the kitchen, my poor hubby can’t do anything without me peering over his shoulder offering ‘advice’.

7) Radio 4 is my favourite radio station, and I’m not ashamed to admit it 🙂

There we go, fun times. So, I now have to nominate people too…


Sweaty Mummy

Roast Chicken and a Country Walk

Typically Ted

From Mummy to Mum

Ladybug Home and Design

Confessions of a Reader 

Another Bun

A Cosy Cup of Life

My Days NI

These are blogs that I’ve discovered relatively recently (some only last night upon perusing the tinterweb to find people to nominate!), and I enjoy them all. Follow the links and see what they’re about 🙂 I’ve just realised that they’re all written by women – sorry men.


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