Paddington, Narnia and Toad in the Hole #littleloves

What a week…felt like we were being punched in the face some days – 3 kids sent home with a sickness bug in one day, a few more a bit pale, then a diarrhoea disaster 15 minutes before home time today. Then realising the need to fetch all their decorated eggs from nursery, hand out some birthday cake (why, oh why do people bring a whole cake in for their birthday? Lovely thought, but someone has to spend 20 minutes making it into 30 slices, then wrap them up and hand them out…the parents of the child who sent in a box of chocolates are superstars), give out the homework, and the prizes for the Easter egg competition. Then we forgot book bags and the Easter cards they’d made. Woops.

Despite all the craziness (oh and we decided to rearrange the WHOLE of both classrooms on the day that all the parents were coming in for an hour of crafts…not our best move!), I’m so thankful that it hasn’t been a stressful time. I think that dancing like a crazy person to Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor when we got home helped 🙂

SO, what has been much loved this week?


Another of my #atozauthors books, I’m on letter ‘C’ now. I went for C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, just as I had them on my kindle, and I’ve never read them all before. I’m 2 books in, so 5 to go! They’re pretty short and easy to read (being, you know, written for children…), but I love his writing. A lovely style, some beautiful moments described. Maybe reading all seven is a bit much, but I’m enjoying it 🙂


PADDINGTON!!!! OH my word, has anyone else seen this film? It is SO SO good, absolutely hilarious. Me and my Mr were laughing out loud nearly the whole way through. He doesn’t really know the Paddington stories so that added to the enjoyment. Seriously, such a brilliantly written and spectacularly filmed piece of cinema. There were some really clever little touches that added something a bit special to it, and the cast was, in a word, phenomenal. If you’ve not seen it yet, watch it, and if you have – watch it again!



Nothing exciting to share here, but I’m loving getting home on the evenings I’m staying in and putting on my comfy leggings and snuggling under a blanket 🙂


I’m fully aware that I’m a bit behind with this one, but it pops up on the radio all the time, and it’s just a catchy tune that I like to sing along to and dance a bit to myself…


Toad in the Hole. Best. Meal. Ever. I will be making it again, maybe even weekly. It’s just so tasty…and super easy to make as well. The gravy didn’t go so well, but Bisto saved the day and did a marvellous job.

And lastly…

Holidays – YEY!

2015-03-27 17.21.29

Tired eyes – but so happy for some time off.

I’m linking up with butwhymummywhy?, sharing the love of little things 🙂


15 thoughts on “Paddington, Narnia and Toad in the Hole #littleloves

  1. Jude

    Toad in the hole. Yes please! It’s been too long. Thanks for the reminder! Also interesting to hear how good Paddington is. I think it’s too old for my little man at the moment, but something to look forward to. #Littleloves

    1. Alice W Post author

      Definitely, save it up til he can get into it, it’s so good! Get the sausages out, it’s seriously delicious. Enjoy 🙂 xx

  2. A Little Londoner

    I’ve never had Toad in The Hole….I must try it! I’m really looking forward to watching Paddington Bear – it’s where I worked and where my daughter was born! Hope ye have a lovely week xxx

  3. Mum Reinvented

    I’m dying to watch Paddington! I need to get my hands on a copy. I’m a little obsessed with Toad in the Hole, think I had it once a week up until recently when the kids complained – oops! Have a great Easter break 🙂

    1. Alice W Post author

      It’s SO good, I’ll try not to go overboard to prolong the enjoyment :p Get hold of it – it’s THE best ever. I could’ve watched it again as soon as it finished. Thank you, hope you have a lovely Easter 🙂 xx

  4. FromMummytoMum

    I watched Paddington this week too!! It was so good!!! Toad in the hole is a meal I have always thought about having and never made, will definitely add it to my list of meals to make!

    1. Alice W Post author

      I KNOW isn’t it just?! I’m having my mum and sisters over at the weekend to watch it – so excited! Definitely give Toad in the Hole a try, as easy as it is tasty 🙂 xx

  5. educatingelsa

    I love Toad in the Hole! It’s one of my all-time favourite meals and Elsa loves anything with sausage in it so it’s win win. I’ve never heard that Kelly Clarkson song before but it sounds like my kinda thing! 🙂

    Enjoy the break!


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