Meal Planning Monday

First things first, Happy Easter! I hope enjoyable weekends were had by all πŸ™‚


Last week was possibly my most productive week of cooking ever, have a scroll through my recent posts to see what I’ve been a-making. I’ve got a few more to upload, so keep an eye out if you like photos of food πŸ™‚ We were pretty much on plan throughout, woopwoop! So, what’s in store this week?



Lunch: Soup at mums

Tea: Mum and sisters are joining us for a film night, so we’re gonna go forΒ Roast Mushrooms with homemade pesto and couscous…it should really be marmalade sandwiches as we’re watching Paddington…


Lunch: Sandwiches

Tea: Vegetable Stew with Dumplings (slow cooker)


Lunch: Leftover stew

Tea:Β Spicy Sausage pasta or Toad in the Hole


Lunch: Sandwiches

Tea: Mini Beef Wellingtons – a Lorraine Pascale recipe, potential for disaster, we’ll see how it goes…!


Lunch: Spending the day in York, so we’ll take lunch to save money πŸ™‚

Tea: Leftovers/something unhealthy on the way home.


Lunch: Sandwiches

Tea: I’m babysitting so something quick and easy…pasta and pesto!


Lunch: Probably pancakes, just cos we can.

Tea: Either at church or leftovers.

There we are, hopefully these meals will carry us through the final week of what has been a very relaxing holiday so far.

Head over to At Home With Mrs M for some meal planning love and inspiration πŸ™‚


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