Holiday Cooking Endeavours #4

I’m currently finishing the final slice of this particular endeavour – one that had a few tense moments, but all turned out pretty darn good in the end. Adding some sweetness to our week has been the American Cheesecake, courtesy of Mary Berry.


DSC_0113Ingredients ready to go. I’ve made a cheesecake in the past and it was a disaster. Marscapone, you are not my friend. I was putting my trust in Mary though, and off we went.

[It’s occurred to me that some quantities might be nice? You know, if you look at the photos and just HAVE to go and make it…]


175g digestive biscuits – 75g butter – 40g demerara sugar

225g full fat soft cheese – 25g caster sugar – 150ml double cream – 150ml Greek yoghurt – juice of 1 1/2 lemons

First things first, bash the biscuits til they’re crumbs. Melt the butter then remove from the heat and mix in the biccies and demerara sugar. Press this into the base of your tin. TIP: maybe line your tin with greaseproof paper? That way it won’t leak/you can lift it out more easily 🙂

Next, mix the cheese and caster sugar well in a bowl. Add the cream and yoghurt and mix again. Gradually add lemon juice whilst whisking constantly.

DSC_0114Transfer the mixture into the tin and leave to set in the fridge overnight.


To make the topping, I just spread a pack of blueberries on the top then heated some blueberry jam gently with a bit of water which I brushed on top. Mary suggested using jelly, but I forgot that in the supermarket.


At this point I put it back in the fridge for more setting time, and realised that some sort of sticky caramel liquid was leaking out of the bottom of the tin, hence my advice of using greaseproof paper underneath it all.

Once it’s set as much as you want it to, take the sides away from the tin and EAT IT.

DSC_0142It turned out way better than I anticipated – perfect balance in the cheesey bit, the lemon juice was subtle yet lovely. I’m mourning it’s absence (last slice now well and truly finished), and might just have to make another one… 🙂


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