Holiday Cooking Endeavours #5

We’re back to savoury again now with a quick, easy and delicious meal….steak and chips! I’d bookmarked this recipe a while back, and after getting a lovely new grill pan for my birthday, it was perfect timing to make it 🙂


For this recipe, all you need is as many sirloin steaks as you need, oil, 750g of potatoes, and salt, pepper and rosemary.

First things first, switch the oven onto 180 C and put a few tablespoons of oil in a roasting tin. Put this tin in the oven as it preheats.

Next, chop the potatoes. Don’t bother peeling them, and cut them thin – or whatever thickness you like your chips.


After they’re all chopped, wash thoroughly and dry on a tea towel. I think them being much drier helps with the roasting? Maybs.


Get the tin out of the oven and sprinkle in some rosemary. I only had dried, but I’m sure fresh would be nicer. Throw all the pots in and put the tin back in the oven. They need about 40 mins, so make sure you leave yourself enough time before they’re finished for the steak pan to heat up. Our electric hob and the pan needs time to heat up slowly, so I started the process about 15-20 mins before the end of the chip cooking time, as the pan needs to be ‘smoking’ hot apparently.

When the time comes, get your steaks out and drizzle oil on the steaks (both sides). Grind fresh pepper onto each side (as much as you like).


Once the pan’s hot, put ’em on. I did a few mins on each side to get it to medium-rare.



Once they’re as done as you want, take them off and leave to ‘rest’. A sauce was suggested on the recipe, but I left this and did a bit of Bisto gravy 🙂 get the chips out and serve.


DSC_0140SO GOOD. A super easy meal and really tasty.


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