A Knitting Adventure

I’ve been into knitting for over 6 months now, but haven’t yet actually knitted a thing that you can use. The baby blanket that I’ve been working on has been nearly 4 months in the making (!!), due mostly to ebbs and flows in my commitment, and partly to the length and width of the thing. Not forgetting my rather slow knitting speed.

I love knitting my blanket – it’s simple garter stitch, and I’mΒ on the final colour at last – but I wanted to make something a bit quicker and more to the point. Of course, the easy option would be to do a scarf or something, get some chunky wool and big needles and away you go. I fancied a challenge, however, so I decided on a hat.

The pattern I’ve been itching to try is the Golden Pear, as featured by Carie at Space for the Butterflies, so what with it being the holidays and my blanket FINALLY nearing completion, I decided to go for it. One trip to the wool store at the market later and I was fully equipped with DPNs (double pointed needles – a whole new language, I tell you) and some Aran wool.

Wisely, I felt that I’d benefit from, you know, practising knitting in the round before I started on the real thing. Turns out that whilst it isn’t overly complicated, it’s a bit fiddly so takes a bit of getting used to.


For reasons unknown to me, I decided to start at 1130pm at night, so was up for about an hour. I cast on 3 times before starting with some actual knitting, then after a few rows it was definitely time to sleep.

I woke up ridiculously early for a person without work to go to or a small child to look after, so I kept going with my little project.

IMG_20150408_083359IMG_20150408_094144I practised the decreasing and the icord loop at the top, as I’d never done either before, and ended up with this cute little hat. Now that was complete, it was on to the real thing.

I cast on with orange, did some ribbing then swapped needles and carried on. The colour stranding part wasn’t my favourite…the wool got ridiculously twisted as I’m not really sure how you should hold it, but we got there in the end…even if I did knit an extra row by accident!



Woohoo a circle!Β 


Twisty, twisty yarn…


Colour stranding complete, it was time to start decreasing those rows. This took me a while, I kept sticking the needle through the wool rather than the loop. When it got down to the last few stitches it got very crowded!


After a quick icord loop (I only lost all 4 stitches once), I set about weaving my ends in. Probably not the neatest ever, but I’m really pleased with the final result πŸ™‚IMG_7711

There’s a brand new little boy in our church family who I might give this to/check it’s the right size on. Not that it’s exactly woolly hat weather!

I’m about to start on another one, this time with different colours and different wool. Not forgetting the blanket of course…it’s nice to have a different project to swap to when you get a bit bored though πŸ™‚


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