Six Years

The day passed by without much fanfare. Only the two of us knew what milestone we’d reached, and even we didn’t do anything to mark it out as special really. Of course, the fact that it coincides with my birthday might be part of the problem, but we have a different day to celebrate now, I suppose. After all, a wedding anniversary is a more significant milestone in many ways. Still, 6 years together has to count for something.

Also, if there hadn’t been that first day, there’d be no wedding anniversary either. For various reasons, we were waiting til I was 18 to start going out, so the day was much anticipated. I can’t actually remember much of what we did, apart from a walk at midnight around the place where we’d met…it’s strange how we imagine that we’ll remember certain moments or days forever, yet they disappear into some deep, distant part of our brain. What complex creatures we are.

Six years…that’s a quarter of my life. It’s not been an easy 6Β years, there’s been some pretty tough times, but so so many wonderful memories too. We’ve both grown up and changed a lot as people and as a couple. Life has muchΒ more to throw at us than it has done, and I look forward to weathering it all with my awesome man at my side πŸ™‚



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