Cinderella, washing and a new project #littleloves

Phew, thank goodness it’s the weekend. It’s been a tough old week at work, full of lots of me getting (mostly) unduly cross with the kids. “Tidy up time…it’s time to tidy up…tidy up…TIDY UP”. Anyway.

Despite work being rubbish, there’s been plenty to love πŸ™‚


A little bit different this week, here’s our most recent book from my phonics lessons.


Phonics teaching is in many ways the bane of my school day. Sometimes it goes great, most of the time it doesn’t. For the kids that get it, it’s perfect. They can read by themselves, and independent reading is an essential skill. For those that struggle? It’s not great. Having 15 to teach at once on something that, for some of them, really needs one-to-one attention, really sucks some days. But we battle on,Β reading is power and all that. I must remind myself that we’re enabling them to access life better, and a love of reading can only be imparted if I myself love it when we read together.


Begin Again, the film with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo? Brilliant. I loved it. There’s a storyline, sure, but it’s easy going and an enjoyable watch. The songs and music are awesome, get me that soundtrack.

Also, this cute video. I love baby laughs, they are just the best πŸ™‚

I NEARLY FORGOT, I went to see Cinderella – finally! Loved it. A beautiful and magical film, I love how they gave the Disney version of the tale more meat. We saw Cinderella’s suffering, not all singing and happy. She was broken and lonely, yet courageous and kind. I also felt that the step-mother had more of a back story – she wasn’t just cruel. Good and bad isn’t always so black and white as fairytales make it out to be, everyone has a story. If you haven’t seen it yet, go. If the cinema isn’t an option, order the DVD when you can πŸ™‚


As well as the soundtracks from the aforementioned films, me and my hubby had a good sing-a-long to a bit of Taylor in the car, good old Blank Space. I’m gonna share it, just, you know, cos.


Nowt special. Sorry, no imagination here!


A start on a new knitting project! The blanket that I started aaages ago (anyone remember that one?) is so very nearly finished, but I was finding it a bit monotonous so was tempted by all the cute patterns for sale at the lovely market we visited when staying at my Dads last weekend. And so begins my first baby jumper.


The wool is really fun, and will hopefully keep my new niece/nephew warm and snuggly when they’re born in late Autumn πŸ™‚

And lastly…

We had a really lovely time at my Dads the weekend just gone. It was nice and chilled, plenty of knitting, playing with the dog, stroking the cat, sorting out my Nana’s latest dilemma, enjoying family time.


An animal-filled weekend!

Having access to a garden in the sunnier spells was also brilliant, I spent lots of time playing tug-of-war with my pup Bertie (currently being fostered by my Dad and his wife, until me and my Mr are able to have him) on the grass, followed by lying down and watching the washing billowing in the breeze against a clear blue sky. It’s the simple things πŸ™‚


I’m linking up with butwhymummywhy?, sharing the love of little things πŸ™‚



17 thoughts on “Cinderella, washing and a new project #littleloves

  1. pottymouthedmummy

    I’ve wondered about watching that film so will give it a go. In love with that video, just so cute. We’re moving in summer to somewhere with a garden and I am so excited to dry washing outside, small pleasures xxx

  2. Mummy Hearts You

    I saw Cinderella this week too, such an emotional rollercoaster! I cried a lot throughout it! That video of Buzz is just the sweetest thing ever! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. lifeatthelittlewood

    I absolutely understand the classroom pressures – I used to teach SEN pupils in classes of 13, and it was so difficult to divide myself between them all. My own littlest girl has had a tough time with her phonics this year, and we’ve had to do so much extra practice at home, as her teacher is just so under pressure with a class of 30. Teachers aren’t told enough what amazing jobs they do! Xxx

    1. Alice W Post author

      That’s tough, especially when you know how much they need the support and attention! Hope your little one enjoys things nonetheless, it really is just too early for some. She’ll get there I’m sure, well done for putting in the extra at home, so important πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Gemma & gemslittletreasures

    That video of buzz really made me smile too-you’re right you can’t beat a baby laugh!
    Need to see Cinderella really jealous hearing all these positive reviews on his weeks #littleloves
    I keep thinking about asking my nan to teach me to knit she makes some amazing things for e kids in our family xx

    1. Alice W Post author

      You definitely should, it’s such a great hobby to have, and not too difficult to get the hang of either! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  5. A Little Londoner

    I’m very jealous ye all have seen Cinderella! I have to go! I don’t envy you with teaching, so many golf my friends are teachers and though it’s no doubt rewarding it must be incredibly hard, my SIL is a primary teacher and she says a lot of the time it’s more crowd control than getting to actually teach. I love knitting, I find it so therapeutic! Have a great week xxxx

    1. Alice W Post author

      I can relate to the crowd control thing, it can be a bit draining at times! Knitting’s my favourite thing to do right now, love it. Hope you had a great weekend xx

  6. MumReinvented

    I really want to see Cinderella! Gotta get round to seeing it soon, it sounds fantastic. I’d love to be able to knit, but my ‘skills’ with a knitting needle are ridiculously limited – pretty much to making scarves for dolls which is rather embarrassing.

    I dread to think what it would be like teaching phonics to little ones. Luckily they were only introduced after my now 13 year old daughter had learned to read and I haven’t got a clue what they are really. My 3 year old is used to the Spanish way of pronouncing letters so I dread to think what he’ll be like to teach in an English school – poor teacher who gets him in his or her class!

    Have a great weekend! x

    1. Alice W Post author

      Aww I’m sure they’ll be fine…and having another language is so beneficial and amazing, hopefully the teacher can appreciate that πŸ™‚ knitting scarves for dolls is so sweet, and it’s a start, right? Stick with it πŸ™‚ Hope you had a lovely weekend too! Xx

  7. frompollywithlove

    I love the wool you’ve chosen, it’s so cheerful! I keep meaning to get the knitting needles out and knit a big chunky scarf… you have inspired me to get on with it in time for the winter! Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Alice W Post author

      It really is, I’m loving the colours. Do it, I’m yet to try chunky wool, but it must make such cosy things πŸ™‚ Xx

  8. butwhymummywhy

    I adored Begin Again when I saw it in the cinema. I really must watch it again!
    So pleased you got to see Cinderella and that you loved it as much as you thought you would. It truly is magical.
    Hope you’re having a good week xx

  9. Not A Frumpy Mum

    I love Blank Space and sing along in the car every time it comes on. I really really want to watch Cinderella and can’t wait for it to come out at the cinema xx


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