A to Z authors – D


Yes, that’s right, only one letter. It’s been a bad month for reading! No particular reason, just me not getting on with it so much. And my knitting has somewhat taken precedence as of late.

Anyway, onto my book for this month, linking up again with Clarina’s Contemplations 🙂


Monarchy by David Starkey

A history book this time round. I love a bit of history, but there was a lot to get through in this book! Lots of monarchs and wars and deaths. It was very interesting, I definitely learnt lots, but I’m not convinced that it was the most objective book ever. Having had to make sure that sources that I used at Uni were sound and not biased (or if they were, recognising the fact), it was strange to read a book that treated speculation as fact. Still, informative and a good (ish) read. Not sure I’ll be picking it up again though!

My next book is an old favourite of mine, an Enid Blyton one. I’m choosing between The Children of Cherry Tree Farm and The Magic Faraway Tree…think I’ll go for the latter 🙂 time to relive some childhood joy!


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