A Blanket for a Baby

Four months (almost to the day) after starting the blanket, I finally cast off the last stitch last weekend. Woohoo!Β 20150430_190807

On the final colour…nearly there!

Our niece is still safely tucked inside my sister-in-law, so I’ve just got time to weave the ends in and wash it so that it’s ready to give to them in about a month’s time.


Longer than intended, but beautifully squashy and cosy. The needles that I used were slightly too big for the wool, but I imagine it’s made it looser and more airy (can you tell how much I understand the ins and outs of knitting?!). It was a simple cast on (about a gazillion stitches) then garter stitch (normal knitting) for…well, many many rows. 322 to be precise.


The colours are meant to be the sun setting into the sea, but even if that doesn’t come across, they’re a little bit gorgeous. Ready to keep a little bundle warm and be covered in baby drool, then hopefully be cuddled as the bundle gets a bit bigger and podgier πŸ™‚

I’m really excited to be making things, especially things that will be used and loved by those receiving them. I’m ashamed to say that I grew too embarrassed to wear the cardies that my Nana knitted for us as the years went by, but when I was younger especially they were much loved by me and my sisters. We even got them out last time we were at my Dads and admired them.

Here’s hoping that this blanket is a well-loved and used item for our little niece πŸ™‚



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