A letter to myself

Dear 29 year old me,

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The politicians are all out in force, trekking up and down the country (does it include Scotland still? I hope so), trying to secure votes and show us all how great their policies are. How did David Cameron do? Is the NHS privatised? What state is the education system in?

Enough of that, not really relevant. I’m writing to give you a bit of voting advice. It’ll be your third general election since you could legally vote, but only the second you’ve voted in (you silly ‘nana). My first piece of advice is, of course, VOTE. People have died and will continue to do so to have that right, so exercise it!

However, it’s not just about rocking up at the polling station on the day and putting a cross in a box. Do you remember how daft you felt when you walked into that booth 5 years ago and had NO idea who was who or what they stood for? And how you regretted your choice, even though it didn’t matter so much as the seat was so safe? Don’t let that happen again!

Do some research. Manifestos are online; read them. Find out what they say about lots of things, not just the bits that are important for you. Talk about politics with people (not too much), hear other points of view. Engage…at least a little bit. I’m not saying it should become the sole focus of your life for 5 weeks, but it’d be worth being informed.

Hope all is going well,Β wherever you (I? we?) ended up – I hope New Zealand has featured πŸ™‚

24 year old Alice/me/you/us


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