Meal Planning Monday – 18th May

Another Monday, another meal plan. Last week before half term – can I get a hallelujah, so ready for a break. Food-wise last week we didn’t stick the plan after Tuesday as I was poorly so didn’t fancy eating what we’d planned. We indulged ourselves over the weekend in Cambridge as my parents had very kindly given us some money whilst we visited my sister so we all went out for a few lovely meals πŸ™‚

Anyway, I digress. Food for this week.



Carrot and Fennel SoupΒ – Jamie Oliver’s recipe with his homemade flatbreads. We have friends round, which never a good time to try a new recipe, and yet I’m going for it. Ah well.


Slow Cooker Campfire StewΒ from Mrs Shilts blog…I’ve never tried it before – a week of new things!


Pie at a pub with friends


Jacket potatoes (not so new and exciting..)


Chilli and Ginger Chicken Stir FryΒ – this recipe is from the blog Eat Your Heart OutΒ that I’ve recently come across. It’s run by a few bloggers and I’m looking forward to trying out the recipes as the weeks go by πŸ™‚


Think we’ll be needing to finish off some leftovers by now…


Tea at church/more leftovers

There is our week…hopefully all will be well and we won’t eat too much chocolate.

Join in the meal planning over at At Home With Mrs M and/or the Facebook group πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 18th May

  1. Emma

    Fab meal plan , I keep meaning to make campfire stew as i’m sure my boys would love it! Hope the last week of half term goes well (and quickly!)


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