Baking, gardening and a pink explosion #littleloves

Oh half term, how we love thee. It’s been a week of relaxing, knitting, reading, visiting family, seeing friends and eating cake. Bring on the nextΒ half term at school! So, what have I been loving this week?


My ‘Knitting for Dummies’ book to try and help me join up the pieces for my jumper (a baby one)…it worked to a certain extent, but one arm is not matching up perfectly, so we’ll see how it goes when I attach all the seams…!



Not much TV, which has been very lovely πŸ™‚


My hubby mowing the lawn at his parents’ holiday cottage. We went to see his brother who was staying there with his wife and friends and we did a bit of gardening to help out. I saw we, I sat and cuddled a baby and watched πŸ™‚



Loving a jumper that I’ve borrowed from my little sister, no photo sadly, but H&M did good.


More buns! A healthy(ish) recipe, from the Hairy Dieters, it has no butter in it and limited amounts of sugar. They are pretty yummy πŸ™‚


And lastly…

We found a gorgeous bush full of the pinkest flowers I’ve ever seen at the Botanical Gardens, I just have to share the photo…


Talk about an explosion of pink!

I’m linking up with but why mummy why?, sharing the love of little things πŸ™‚littleloves


19 thoughts on “Baking, gardening and a pink explosion #littleloves

  1. The L's Mum

    I need to bake those buns they sound awesome. I love that picture of the pink flowers, they look stunning. I wish I could knit, it’s something I have throughout about trying but it maybe something I start and never finish. Sounds like you had a lovely week #LittleLoves

    1. Alice W Post author

      Thank you, it’s been a good one. Make the buns for sure, they are gooood. I’d recommend knitting, stick at it and you can create some cute things πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Alice W Post author

      It’s a lovely place, their new rented cottage down in Essex is even more relaxing – totally out in the sticks. Shame they’ll be selling their place in Eyam, but onto new things πŸ™‚ xx

  2. A Little Londoner

    Oooh no butter buns….I likey! Must RT then out. That beautiful pink tree looks like a Rhodedenrum, I only know this as a country Estate where I’m from is full of them! How lovely to have a place to go to for free- the holiday city bar looks beautiful!
    Enjoy learning to knit and have a great week xxxxxx

    1. Alice W Post author

      Ah yes, my father-in-law said the same when he saw the picture. There were so many of them in so many different colours, such a lovely flower. Thank you, hope you have a good week too πŸ™‚ xx

  3. mumreinvented

    What a gorgeous holiday home your hubby’s parents have! Those buns look gorgeous considering they’re diet friendly. I’ll have to give them a go – I have the Hairy Dieters books but never make any of the sweet stuff. Have a fab weekend! x

    1. Alice W Post author

      It’s a lovely place, up for sale in the New Year which is a shame, but they’re looking to buy a smallholding down in Essex, so a new chapter. The sweet stuff is good, as is the rest..we’ve got 3 of their meals on the menu this week..! Hope you had a good weekend xx

  4. Not A Frumpy Mum

    Your husbands holiday cottage looks gorgeous, and those buns look yummy, definitely one for trying now that we are on our health kick.
    Beautiful flowers xx

  5. mydaysni

    I could really do with a healthy bun recipe – must check this out! The cottage looks lovely, the sort of place you could jut sit with family and forget about reality for a little while. Hope you are having a nice week x


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