A to Z authors – E, F & G


A slightly more fruitful month this time round 🙂 Although, I have to admit, I actually read my ‘G’ book back in February/March when it was going to be my ‘B’. It’ll be a test to see what I can remember..! I’m linking up with Clarina’s Contemplations as always 🙂

2015-05-07 18.21.38

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

A childhood classic 🙂 I loved the series when I was younger, it’s so magical and exciting. I even started my own story for the characters…didn’t get beyond the first couple of chapters though. This book follows the adventures of Jo, Bessie and Fanny as they share the magic of the Faraway Tree with their cousin Dick. They climb the tree, watching out for Dame Washalot’s water, eat some interesting sweet treats and visit the lands at the top of the tree. They get into a few fixes, but all is well in the end. It’s definitely a children’s book, one I hope to read to our children in the future.

Interestingly, I just googled the book and discovered that they’ve changed some characters names – Jo to Joe, Bessie to Beth, and, as Wikipedia explains, “Fanny and Dick, whose names now carry unfortunate connotations, have been renamed Frannie and Rick”. Funny how times change.


By the Waters of Liverpool by Helen Forrester

I’ve read a few Helen Forrester books in the past, but can’t remember them really, so picked this one up as it was the only ‘F’ I could find on the shelf. I think it’s autobiographical, at least it’s based on the author’s own experiences. We join Helen in the 1930s as a 17-year-old fighting to escape the poverty that her family has been plunged into due to her father’s bankruptcy and continues to live in as a result of her parents’ inability to be sensible with money. She had to leave school to work, and now attends evening classes to educate herself. Bearing the brunt of her family’s despair, Helen is desperate to find love in her dark, dingy world. It was fairly easy to read, but some difficult realities about life for some at that time. We have a few more of her books, so I might dip into them again…once I’ve got to Z, that is!


God’s New Community by Graham Beynon

Before I launch into how much I loved this book, I’ll briefly explain the premise. It’s basically looking at what the New Testament part of the Bible says about what church should look like. Not the building, but the people. How does God call us to live as His people, His Church? Graham (first name terms, felt like a friend talking) takes us through what the Bible actually says, regardless of how culture says we should live. We are family; we have a responsibility to love and care for one another, practically and spiritually. We’re not there to get stuff out of each other, rather to give sacrificially. There was so much in there that I know I’ve forgotten..even though I only read it a few months ago, I feel the need to read it all over again. It was such a challenging book, one that I want to share with every Christian brother and sister out there!

“God is…building a house for himself made up of people, not of bricks and mortar.”

“We cannot be individualistic Christians.”

“But according to Jesus, ‘love’ in the church is as basic as a chassis is to a car. This is fundamental to who we are, it’s part of what it means to be church.”

There we go, my reading for the month. I’m well into my ‘H’ book, looking forward to sharing that (and hopefully a few more!) next time round. If anyone has any recommendations for ‘I’ books that are a bit more out there, please share them…hoping to get a bit outside of my comfort zone 🙂


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