A Treat for Summer

As I looked through other #littleloves posts the other week, I came across a homemade ice cream recipe, featured by Sam over at And then…The Fun Began. Intrigued, I clicked the link to the recipe over at Le Coin de Mel and was pleasantly surprised at its simplicity – literally frozen fruit and yoghurt! With a good blender, could it be any easier?!

So on the next food shop, I got us some strawberries and Aldi’s little yoghurts (which we love eating despite the lack of small children in our house), and got preparing.

2015-06-06 17.59.26

20150531_140511First things first, chop up the banana and the strawberries, then into a freezer bag and into the freezer.

20150531_140454 20150531_141411 20150531_141417

I ended up leaving mine for a few days as eating ice cream didn’t come up, but when we were ready, they were out and I put half of the fruit into the blender with 3 pots of yoghurt, then whoosh!

20150606_132925_001Ok, so it took a bit more than just ‘whoosh’. Our blender seems to get stuck relatively easily, so there was a lot of spatula action to help it along, but we got there in the end 🙂


Ta-da! It was very yummy and refreshing, and as we’ve still got half the fruit and some yoghurts left over, I’m hoping it warms up again next week so we can make some more after work. Yum 🙂 Thanks Mel for sharing this awesome recipe!

Tasty Tuesdays on HonestMum.com


3 thoughts on “A Treat for Summer

  1. Mother Mands

    I love making quick ice-creams like this (used to have to do lots of vegan ones for work), and seeing your delicious strawberry one here…well about time I did some, the weather is good, and I have a punnet of strawberries in 🙂

  2. Le Coin de Mel

    Thanks for the mention my lovely. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love a nice and sume recipe and I was actually thinking of making some ice cream again today. Thanks for linking with #TastyTuesdays


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