Meal Planning Monday – 8th June

Before we talk about food, I need to apologise. I got in on the linky first last week (which never happens!), then didn’t comment on anyone’s posts, or even reply to those who kindly commented on mine. For that, I am so sorry. It was a pretty busy week, but still. I really appreciate people stopping by my little blog, so will be more on it this week 🙂

Back to food. We ate everything we planned to last week, although maybe mixed the days round a bit, then headed out for tea on Saturday before going to the cinema. We got the BIGGEST box of popcorn I’ve ever had, it was nearly as big as our faces! Hairy Dieters meals were really good, especially the cajun chicken, and although the skinny beef lasagne (replaced pasta with blanched leeks, as well as a cornflour & milk sauce instead of bechamel) was good, you can’t beat the real deal.

Onto this week: what’s on the menu?



Macaroni cheese


Hairy Dieters roasted cod with parma ham


Spicy sausage pasta


Leftovers (hopefully!)


Slow cooked Campfire Stew


Leftover stew/something from the freezer


Tea at church

A nice and easy week ahead 🙂

I’m linking up with At Home with Mrs M, head on over there or to the Facebook group for some meal planning love and inspiration 🙂


4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 8th June

  1. Mother Mands

    I hear you on replying to people/catching up online, I seem to be completely behind at the moment, and I think I’ve started so many projects I don’t know what to do first 🙂
    I know what you mean with the skinny lasagne I did one using thin slices of courgette, it was good, but not as good as the ‘proper’ version 🙂
    What do you put in your Campfire Stew? I do one with sausages, baked beans and potatoes I had out of an old Good Food magazine.


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