Meal Planning Monday – 15th June

Meal planning time again! Food last week was ON PLAN…nearly. We had a slightly impromptu BBQ with friends on Friday (delicious) so had campfire stew on Saturday. It wasn’t quite as tasty as last time, I think it was the different pork joint that we used.

This week is a bit sparse meal-wise, we’re off Weds evening for my Mr’s Grandad’s funeral on Thursday, then we’re both away this weekend, so only 3 meals to think of…the one week where we had the most ideas! Without further ado, here’s our menu for the week…



Homemade pizza (it was YUM)


Homemade fish fingers and chips (following this recipe from BBC’sΒ Dish Up series)


Tea with the in-laws down in Essex


Spag Bol if we’re back in time, something on the road if not…


Me at my Dads/hubby away with some guys from church

There we go, nice and simple…looking forward to the fish fingers tomorrow. I’m linking up with At Home With Mrs M, head on over for meal planning love and inspiration πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 15th June

  1. Mother Mands

    Hope the funeral goes as well as funerals can for you tomorrow.
    Were the fish fingers good? We’re having fish fingers on Friday, ages since I’ve had them, right looking forward to making them πŸ™‚


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