Meal Planning Monday – 29th June

Although I did meal plan last week, I didn’t blog it. Not sure why, it had been a bit of a busy weekend and I wasn’t feeling very blog-y…but we’re back again! I’m trying to lower my sugar intake somewhat, I managed 2 days straight without biscuits, chocolate, sweets or cake, and I’m hoping to go 3 days this week…small steps 🙂 So, what does this week look like main meal-wise?



Paella with chicken and chorizo for my Mum’s birthday meal…and birthday cake!


Spag Bol


Leftovers/something from the freezer


Meal at a friends house

Friday – Sunday

We’re away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary a few days early, so it’ll be meals out in Edinburgh – if anyone has any recommendations for where to eat, please share 🙂

Pretty boring really, not getting the cooking vibes this week. Here’s hoping they return in full force by next Sunday…

Head on over to At Home With Mrs M for more meal planning love and inspiration 🙂


12 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 29th June

  1. Mother Mands

    I’ve started knocking the sugar down by half on most cake recipes I do now, in some cases you can reduce that even more. It’s shocking how much sugar is called for with some recipes and to be honest, reducing it has hardly (or not at all in the majority of cases) affected the taste. I can’t stop baking, it’s definitely my ‘thing’ so I’m just trying to go for more fruit based desserts/cakes and change the ingredients as much as I can get away with…or I have a slice, then give the rest of the cake away! 😀

    Paella with chicken and chorizo is a great start to the week! Hope your mum has a lovely birthday 😉

    1. Alice W Post author

      Ooh good idea on the sugar front, I’d never thought of that. She seemed to have a good day, we’re going to London to celebrate next weekend and see a play so that should be fun 🙂 xx

  2. Seren

    Happy anniversary! Edinburgh is a wonderful city – last time we were there we had a fantastic dinner at a place called The Witchery – good food, good atmosphere!

  3. Nicola Bradbury

    I think my favourite thing off your meal plan would definitely have to be the cake 😉 Hope your Mum had a nice birthday and happy anniversary, have a lovely weekend away.

    I’ve not had my mojo either, so hopefully it’ll return for both of us next week. xx


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