On the Road to Fitness

Fitness and food is such a hot topic of discussion these days. For the first few months of my job, the general conversation in the staff room was about diets and exercise, and even with my girlfriends talk of the gym crops up most times we meet up. It’s all well and good that we want to look after ourselves, but it can get a little overwhelming. Slimming World or Weight Watchers? Deliciously Ella or paleo (or is she a paleo person? I have no idea)? Swimming or running? Gym or outside? I JUST WANT TO EAT CHOCOLATE AND WATCH TV, ALRIGHT?!

Despite my resistance to joining the throng of healthy, fit people, I know that I must. I’m not an unhealthy weight (thanks metabolism), but I’m sure there’s unseen damage being done due to the sheer amount of chocolate and cakes that I consume on a daily/hourly basis. Also starting to see the effects on the thigh and tummy areas…

I’m a sugar fiend if there ever was one, so perusing these ‘cut out all refined sugar’ cookbooks was a pointless exercise. I know Ella has all these wonderful treats the satisfy your cravings, but where does one purchase raw cacao? Or medjool dates? And I don’t think I have a food processor powerful enough to deal with those bad boys!


A snapshot from my cross country days, representing my city in the county trials

Food is only one side of the coin, exercise being the other. Throughout my teenage years, I ran cross country so was training 5 times a week pretty intensely, but since sixth form that’s really tailed off, partly due to injury, mostly due to laziness on my part. I remember the times me and my friends discussed running in the 2012 Olympics…I was going to be the Olympic champion for the 800m…we all know how well that one panned out for me πŸ˜‰

Fast forward a few (wait, 6..where did that time go?!) years and here we are. Having got myself up to running about 25k a week before my half marathon last year, I overdid it (too much, too soon) and caused a leg/knee injury. Didn’t do my exercises, so over a year later, back to the physio, this time I DID my exercises, and BOOM, time to start running.

IMG_20150620_174315 (1)

Except….it didn’t go quite how I anticipated. Ran about 4 miles, did all my stretching, but could hardly walk for 2 days afterwards. My physio recommended I do the couch to 5k programme, but just run slowly the whole time. Brilliant, I thought. Not so. First run, only about 2 miles, about an hour later I had a big lump above my knee. Texted my physio (she’s brilliant, I’ve been going to her since I was 13 with all my issues), she told me to go waaaay back, do couch to 5k properly, walking bits and all.


My stretching buddy after running at my Dads

So that’s where we are now. I’ve stretched out the muscle swelling thingy, ready to start running. I want to share the journey on here so that I stick to it (!), and also to keep track of things. I’m not going to be posting body shots of myself, because I’m not totally convinced that much will change. What are my hopes for the whole endeavour, then?

  • I’ll be running 3 times a week consistently
  • I’ll not have knee pains (must keep up those physio stretches!)
  • I’ll be able to do another half marathon
  • I’ll only eat cake/biscuits/sweets/chocolate 1 day a week (and not over-indulge on that day) and on special occasions (no creating special occasions!)

That’s pretty much it. I know myself, I know that it’s unrealistic to cut out all sugary treats EVER, or expect that I’ll be running 60 miles a week before the year’s out. I’m happy with these goals though, and once they’re achieved, maybe I’ll aim for a marathon πŸ™‚ fuelled entirely on Galaxy and cookies, naturally.


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