Meal Planning Monday – 13th July

I can’t even remember if I meal planned last week…it wasn’t a great one food wise, too many pasta dishes. It’s the last week of term this week (YEY), which means crazy busy school days and too-tired-to-do-anything evenings, so it’ll be a simple one. Roll on summer holidays.



Tea at my Mums


Hubby off to Leeds to watch some cricket so I might have friends over for…something?


(Feeling uninspired…checks Smart Recipes app…) Bang-tasty chicken drummers


Mashed avocado cheese on toast with sweet potato wedges & homemade salsaΒ (combining 2 lunch recipes here..I know they don’t really go together, but we’ll need filling up)


End of year work party, so Salmon and Strawberries…not together I hope!


Spending the day in Manchester, so maybe tea there…


Tea at church

…and that should bring us nicely into the summer holidays. Let the lie-ins commence…unless my body clock messes with that plan…which it undoubtedly will…in which case, let the afternoon naps commence!

I’m linking up with At Home With Mrs M, head on over to discover some far more exciting meal plans than this one!


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