On the Road to Fitness: A Road Block

😦 Sad face. Since my last fitness post, I’ve eaten chocolate nearly every day and not run once [Update since I started this yesterday: we went for a run today]. IMG_20150720_161047 Physio exercises have been sporadic at best and I consumed 84% of my daily saturated fat in one slice of cheesecake. 20150723_205434 Admittedly, it was pretty delicious, and it doesn’t happen everyday. Still, the lack of exercise doesn’t help matters! I’ve noticed myself getting more lethargic now that my busy days at work have stopped, which means I can easily doze off in the afternoons (managed not to do that yet, thankfully). I had patch tests at the hospital this week (stuff stuck on my back to see if my skin reacts) so couldn’t do anything ‘too strenuous’…also couldn’t shower, so I’d rather not exercise, thank you very much.

So yes, I’ve hit a road block. It’s not uncommon for this to happen to me in life, I’m quite the procrastinator and an expert at excuses. Also rather lazy. A fab combination, I can tell you. When I used to go training as a teenager, it was the organised sessions that got me there, so it being totally down to me has always been my downfall. Nevertheless, the holidays are here, which has given me the gift of time – a gift I’m determined to make the absolute most of. One of my making-the-most-of-time things is EXERCISE. I want to complete my Couch to 5K (C25K) runs each week, and swim at least once as well. Preferably twice. Physio exercises must continue daily for these both to be possible. I feel a colour-coded plan for the wall coming on…

Then there’s the food. Hmm, yes. There’s various bits and bobs out there. The no-junk challenge, Deliciously Ella, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, Slimfast (gives me the shivers), Slimming World, Weight Watchers…it’s dawning on me that there’s little point in cutting out cakes and biscuits and their buddies if I’m not going to make some changes in other areas. I probably won’t jump on any of the aforementioned dieting bandwagons (although the no-junk one does tempt me!), but one dietary change I do plan on making this summer is breakfast. I read a brilliant post by Esther over at Inside Out and About about breakfasts, which has inspired me to make some changes in this area. I’m a grazer, so will eat every hour or so given the opportunity, so as well as keeping my brain busy, eating more filling meals will help. Cue some more exciting breakfasts making an appearance in our kitchen 🙂 ooh and some smoothies… 20150723_135818 IMG_20150720_194232-1Having perused my previous fitness posts, I feel that my goals will need to change. Or at least, be slightly more realistic (in the sugar treats area), small steps if you like. I did buy spinach to go in smoothies though, so maybe there’s hope for me yet 😉


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