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To move or not to move, that is the question…


Our living room during the last move

My hubby can answer that question for you. NOT to move. I’ve spent a little too much time perusing Rightmove over the last week or so, which has inevitably led to me finding the odd property I can’t help but think it’d be lovely to move into. My husband being more level headed (on this occasion) about the whole thing realises that we don’tย needย to move, we’re saving money by staying where we are, and it’s very convenient for work.

However. However. We’ve been in flats for 3 years. They’re fine, don’t get me wrong, we don’t need more space. But there’s just something about a house. Going upstairs to bed. Having some outdoor space, maybe even a bit of grass. Your door being the only thing between you and the wheelie bin. HAVING a wheelie bin (we have big industrial ones for our block of flats). It’s the little things ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously, though. A 2ย bed terrace with a little garden in the area we used to live, closer to friends and family? We could take a look. A 3 bed terrace within walking distance of church that has an attic room? Don’t mind if we do. Both are a little more expensive than we’re paying now, but a house. A house!

As my darling hubby gently pointed out, as our working hours are pretty different, I’d be the one doing most of the packing. We’d be back to spending evenings boxing up, and we’ve acquired far more furniture than we had on our last move. A big ass wardrobe and a king size bed won’t move easily! I’m obviously looking back on our past moves with rose tinted glasses; I remember the last one was Stressful, with a capital S. Constantly finding more and more stuff to pack and sort. Boxing it up, sealing with duck tape and labelling it (I was well organised with my tape, labels and a Sharpie). I can’t quite put my finger on what was so stressful about it, but I remember being anxious and pretty tense about it.

After our move last summer, I for one was certain that we wouldn’t move again until a) we had to change cities for work, or b) we bought a house. Yet here I am, 14 months on, looking at other rented places. Have I got the itch? Having moved every year for the last 3 years, am I just raring to put ourselves through it again?

A few days later…

The answer, I think, is no. Having now taken the prospect of moving a little more seriously (booked a few viewings, gone to one, another tomorrow), I’m not sure I can face it. We looked a lovely, if a little small, terraced house this evening. It was sweet and in our dream location. It had a garden. And a wheelie bin. My feeling? Whilst we were there – wow, this is great, when can we sign up? When we got home and walked into our light, spacious flat…how on EARTH would we fit all of our stuff into that little house?! There’d be no space for a dining room table, we’d have to sell our wardrobe, we’d struggle to get any big items of furniture up the steep, narrow staircases…

We have a pretty sweet deal where we are. Ok, so the area isn’t ideal long-term, but it’s alright for now. We have a decent sized bedroom with an en-suite, a second room big enough for a bedroom which we use as a study (space for 2 desks, a chair bed and my bike), a family bathroom and an open plan lounge/kitchen/dining room. We have windows in every room (except the family bathroom), it’s bright and light, our landlord is a good guy, our neighbours are pretty alright…I find myself asking the question, in what universe would it make sense to move house? And the answer: it doesn’t. So unless that 3 bed terrace tomorrow is stunning, we’ll be staying put.



On the Road to Fitness: we are Off the Road

Yes, that’s right. I have recently come off the road to fitness. Well and truly. My last run was 3 weeks ago, I haven’t yet been swimming, and I’ve eaten more chocolate than I care to mention since school started again (hello emotional eater).

It was all going so well…During the last few weeks of the summer holidays, I was running 2-3 times a week, doing my stretches and trying to walk/cycle places. I just seemed to not want to eat chocolate (!!) and was snacking on healthy things such as fruit, or just not snacking at all. “This is great”, I thought to myself. “We’re finally on a roll…”.


This is where I did all my running for those successful weeks…ah the memories.

Yeah, right.

My final run was on the Bank Holiday Monday. Week 3 of C25K, more running than before. Fab. Back to school Tuesday: the chocolates came out. It’s been tough, like really quite tough, we have a tricky group of kids with lots of additional needs, so I’ve got home and just eaten. A LOT. Shall I take you through my post-work munchies today?

  1. Banana – hooray, healthiness, wahoo!
  2. Two of Nana’s scones – well, you know, better than chocolate…
  3. I open the lovely chocolate box my hubby bought me from London…bad move. 3 chocolates later, I close the box.IMG_20150922_161215
  4. Pear – yey, we’re healthy again!

Voilร . A lot, n’est-ce pas? At least tea was a healthy one today (lentils with homemade pasta strips), but MAN, why do I eat SO much?!

Exercise has also crashed and burned. Literally not even thought about putting on my running shoes in weeks, let alone the swimsuit. It might just be my imagination, but I’m sure my tummy is growing (a chocolate baby). We don’t have any scales at home, but I imagine it might have crept up a kilo or so (very glad I don’t know what that is in pounds, think I’d feel much worse if I did…just did, about 4.5lb for 2 kilos..oh dear). Argh.

The solution is obvious. ORGANISE YOURSELF, GIRL. Make a running schedule. Stick to it. Make smoothies, eat kale, give away all the chocolate. Set an evening for swimming. GO to the pool. Get on yer (new) bike. Do those darn physio exercises so you can run for more than a few minutes at a time. Boom.


My raspberry and kale smoothie…it was really very tasty.

Simple, really. So, onwards and upwards, let’s hope the next update is a more positive one ๐Ÿ™‚

A little bit of baby shopping…

Baby clothes. So soft and snuggly. The prints are nearly always gorgeous and they’re guaranteed to be adorable, especially those teeny weeny ones for ‘tiny’ babies. I love to pause and stroke the little babygros, maybe take a sweet pair of dungarees off the shelf and find a cute t-shirt to match. Thankfully we now have a growing hoard of nieces and nephews who I can buy for, not to mention the constant influx of babies at church (we’ve already had 4 born this year with another 4 due before Christmas…!). Today was one of those days where I let myself get a bit carried away ๐Ÿ™‚

Although we normally shop at Lidl or Aldi, I took a trip to big Tesco today as I needed a pair of trousers for school. They didn’t have the pair I wanted, so not wanting to waste the journey, I took a stroll through the children’s section. I stayed for half an hour. It’s a good thing I’ve never discovered one of those high end baby shops…! Tesco prices mean finding a few bits and bobs is kind on the wallet ๐Ÿ™‚



I loved this print, and found 2 snug little sleepsuits for our newest niece, born in June. The squirrels are so sweet! This little one’s big sister is turning 2 next week (1 week today in fact), so I got 2 for ยฃ5 with these lovely tops…


She’s not a particularly girly girl, and these were about as un-girly as I could do without going into the boys section.

On that note, I was really struck by just how girly the girls clothes are. This sounds ridiculous, as they’re girls clothes, obviously, but what about the not-so-girly girl? Here’s a couple of snaps of the girls section (apologies for the blurriness)…

20150921_191702 20150921_191645

Pink, flowery, lacy…generally pretty. All lovely. But just so…girly! There aren’t just bright colours, there’s always something making it ‘for girls’. Thinking there might be more variety in the boys bit, I took a look over there…


Blues, greens, greys, checked shirts…butย very boy looking. Granted, it’s only Tesco, I know brands like Little Bird and others have brighter, more unisex clothing, but I was a bit surprised. Nevertheless, I bought a pair of those green trousers with the bears on for a friends’ little girl – she LOVES bears, so hoping they’ll be a hit.


That’s all my baby buys for now. Lord help us when the time comes to buy for our own children, how will I be able to resist?!