On the Road to Fitness: we are Off the Road

Yes, that’s right. I have recently come off the road to fitness. Well and truly. My last run was 3 weeks ago, I haven’t yet been swimming, and I’ve eaten more chocolate than I care to mention since school started again (hello emotional eater).

It was all going so well…During the last few weeks of the summer holidays, I was running 2-3 times a week, doing my stretches and trying to walk/cycle places. I just seemed to not want to eat chocolate (!!) and was snacking on healthy things such as fruit, or just not snacking at all. “This is great”, I thought to myself. “We’re finally on a roll…”.


This is where I did all my running for those successful weeks…ah the memories.

Yeah, right.

My final run was on the Bank Holiday Monday. Week 3 of C25K, more running than before. Fab. Back to school Tuesday: the chocolates came out. It’s been tough, like really quite tough, we have a tricky group of kids with lots of additional needs, so I’ve got home and just eaten. A LOT. Shall I take you through my post-work munchies today?

  1. Banana – hooray, healthiness, wahoo!
  2. Two of Nana’s scones – well, you know, better than chocolate…
  3. I open the lovely chocolate box my hubby bought me from London…bad move. 3 chocolates later, I close the box.IMG_20150922_161215
  4. Pear – yey, we’re healthy again!

Voilà. A lot, n’est-ce pas? At least tea was a healthy one today (lentils with homemade pasta strips), but MAN, why do I eat SO much?!

Exercise has also crashed and burned. Literally not even thought about putting on my running shoes in weeks, let alone the swimsuit. It might just be my imagination, but I’m sure my tummy is growing (a chocolate baby). We don’t have any scales at home, but I imagine it might have crept up a kilo or so (very glad I don’t know what that is in pounds, think I’d feel much worse if I did…just did, about 4.5lb for 2 kilos..oh dear). Argh.

The solution is obvious. ORGANISE YOURSELF, GIRL. Make a running schedule. Stick to it. Make smoothies, eat kale, give away all the chocolate. Set an evening for swimming. GO to the pool. Get on yer (new) bike. Do those darn physio exercises so you can run for more than a few minutes at a time. Boom.


My raspberry and kale smoothie…it was really very tasty.

Simple, really. So, onwards and upwards, let’s hope the next update is a more positive one 🙂


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