Let the moving commence

The answer to the question on my previous post has changed somewhat. To move or not to move, that is the question…well the answer is yes! We are moving. In 3 weeks time. Into a house with no curtains. SO MUCH TO DO.

I was forgetting why moving is so stressful…well I am currently re-remembering. Changing your address in a zillion places, packing things, taking furniture apart, packing, arranging a man in a van, more packing, moving, unpacking, switching bills over, unpacking….

Not to mention a few extras this time round. We have to get hold of some curtains, change the meter that is currently installed in the house (did I mention it’s a house? We’re moving into a house!), and install a washing machine and a fridge, all before we move in. No-one wants to live somewhere that has no curtains!

However, all of the manic panicky stress aside, WE’RE MOVING HOUSE!! How exciting 🙂 we found a house. A HOUSE!


Yes, it’s old and a bit tired. The floors are uneven and the bathroom has a carpet (really taking me back to my childhood home!). The backyard is on a slope and even I could kick in the sidedoor if I was determined to. And yet. It’s the kind of property that one would say ‘has character’. It’s old in a lovely way. There are some fun cupboards hidden away, large windows in most of the rooms, and an attic room that we’re planning on turning into a TV room come office. As we all know, those two things go very well together 😉

As anxious I am about all that we need to achieve in the next few weeks (any advice on making curtains?), I am SO excited. Yes, the house may not have a combi boiler and the garden may not be south facing, but it has central heating and there’s a backyard! We can hang the washing out, and have friends to stay in a bedroom rather than the lounge or the office. We can go upstairs to bed, and set the heating to come on before we wake up. Our clothes can get toasty warm in the airing cupboard overnight (we have an airing cupboard!) before we pop the rubbish into the wheelie bin in the morning (YES we have a wheelie bin!). Praise the Lord 🙂


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