Newborn snuggles and Life Ponderings

There seems to be an influx of babies around me at the moment. One every month or so at church (or three in the last two weeks?), a few at work, odd ones popping out in the blog world (following too many mummy-blogs – darn it), nieces and nephews being added to my husband’s side of the family at a rate of two a year…none in my close friendship group just yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

It’s great. I love babies, especially newborn snuggles. It’s such a nice weight to have in your arms. I love watching them grow into smiley and giggly humans, seeing them take steps and build toddler friendships as they chase each other round, giving hugs and sloppy kisses.

Sunday was a day of mega baby cuddles. An afternoon spent with friends and their 6 week old girlie, then a good 20 minutes after church with a scrumptious 2 week old boy with a PROPER head of hair. Natural mohawk an’ all. It left me feeling pretty broody, I’m not gonna lie.


Just look at those little fingers! Obviously it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with babies (and you know, when they grow into kids), but it has got me thinking about the future and timings and the like.

When to try for a baby. Now? After a Masters? After working for a few years? Do we still want to live in New Zealand for a bit, or Lebanon (random choices I know, maybe I’ll explain one day)? When should that happen? What about fostering, or adoption? How does that fit into life plans?

That last one is a biggie. We want to adopt kid(s) as much as we want birth ones. But they recommend you adopt kids that are younger than your birth kids by at least 2 years. A long time to wait! There are kids in the system that just can’t wait that long. I feel convicted to do something sooner rather than later. Could that spare room in our house be used for more than occasional guests?

It’s a massiveΒ thing. I don’t even know if we’d get through any kind of approval process, but God has placed fostering and adoption firmly on my heart and it’s a cause that is not going anywhere. So watch this space πŸ™‚


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