Leaf Printing #SavouringtheSeason

I do love Autumn. I think I may have talked about it a few weeks back when we took a stroll in the Peaks; it’s the colours, the change in temperature, the snuggly evenings (although not a fan of darkness by 4pm come December!). I enjoy that cooler weather allows for winter boots, woolly jumpers and cosy scarves, and you can’t beat kicking the leaves as you walk or watching them fall off the trees after they’re turned into coppery oranges, yellows and reds. Crisp, autumnal walks are my favourite, particularly when the sky is blue and you end up with rosy red cheeks from the cold air.

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Of course, Autumn has it’s downsides, but this is about savouring the season, so let’s focus on the positives 🙂

I work in a Reception class, so we did leaf pictures way back in September/early October, we even tried leaf rubbing but that didn’t work very well. All leaf-related crafts took a back seat to other things until today we randomly decided to put some PVA glue out for making collages. Good quality leaves being a bit scarce in the playground by now (they’ve all gone brown and curled, not soft, colourful and still a bit alive), I decided to do some printing. It was only me and a couple of the girls, but as the whole cohort seemed to be (relatively) calm, there wasn’t much chaos to manage.

The first few attempts were pretty splodgy, but we soon discovered that less is more when it comes to printing leaves using poster paint, and my printing buddy began mixing the colours and doing half-and-half leaves. I began to make mine into a bit of a picture, using different sized leaves and colours. It was partly about modelling ideas to the kids, partly just the joy of creating something pretty!


As all was still pretty chilled in the playground, I carried on and did another picture. I just love the veins of the leaves showing, and it was quite therapeutic, really. By now, most of the (3) children joining in had moved onto just painting with brushes, so this was purely something for me now. Sorry kids 😉


I stopped for a bit of leaf collection on the way home today in the hope of giving the kids more room to create things tomorrow – we have a…not maple tree, but similar-shaped-leaf-tree just down the road from us, so we’ll see what they come up with 🙂

I’m joining up with Claire over at Clarina’s Contemplations for her #SavouringtheSeason linky…head on over for more autumnal posts 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Leaf Printing #SavouringtheSeason

  1. Cath

    I have been hopping from blog to blog this morning and stumbled across yours….the Title, Toast for Tea?, had me intrigued and then I saw these photo’s and I got a nostalgic lump in my throat. I am not surprised to see you live ‘somewhere’ in Yorkshire (God’s own Country). I was born in Yorkshire and taken away from it but it is forever in my heart. I now live in Tasmania which is almost as good a place to live…well, my little farm is my heaven on earth anyway! Love your blog….I will be back to visit again.


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