Monthly Archives: December 2015

Here we go…

It seems that we’re sort of going for it. An impromptu meal out the other week made room for discussions about what the future holds for us, and we kind of decided to pursue fostering as a real option. We’d discussed it before, mostly me badgering my hubby with questions like, “So what do you really think?” and “But, how do you actually feel about it?”, we even met up with foster carers we’d connected with and talked about it. Now, however, it’s actually going to get real.

We went to an information evening (had to leave early – cringe!), have been in touch with the assessment team at our local council and also contacted another local council as a back-up (my husband works for the council in Children and Families so there may be some conflict there). Ahh it’s kind of happening!

Of course, it depends on lots of things…being eligible, completing the assessment process and being approved. Part of being eligible will, I assume, include financial stability, something that we wouldn’t have if I was to leave work to be able to care for younger children. The well paid, permanent job eludes us still, but my wonderful man continues to work hard at his current job whilst applying for others and going to interviews, so we shall where that leads 🙂

It all feels a bit scary…I keep lurching between being desperate for the process to hurry up, to mild panic about the different situations we’ll be facing. Partly just having children in our lives will be a shock in itself, then add to that the potential trauma that those children will have faced and the fact that we’re strangers and it’s a pretty terrifying position for all involved..! Despite the panic and fear that I sometimes feel, I just know that this is something we have to pursue. Even if the doors are closed and nothing comes of it right now, we can’t sit idly by when there are so many children in care that need a loving home, one that we can give them.

And so we move forwards. Let’s see where God is taking us on this path 🙂