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We bought a pram

We bought a pram. We BOUGHT a PRAM.

2016-01-16 16.16.00.png

Yep. We own a pram. Do we have kids? Nope. Am I pregnant? Nada. And yet, we bought a pram. It’s currently sitting in a corner of our bedroom, folded up and ready. But ready for what, exactly? Why on earth do we, a young, childless couple, have a pram in our bedroom? Good question.

2016-01-16 16.14.31.png

Today has been a day of odd jobs. Bank, supermarket, that kind of thing. The bank happens to be in an area full of charity shops. We perused a few, my hubby found a nice coat for a tenner, I found a nice coat for £8. On a whim, we went into the last shop as we headed back to the car park, and as my Mr looked at DVDs, I spotted the pram. We’d seen one in Oxfam earlier, a Bugaboo with carrycot and normal buggy seat, for £50, but it was in a bad way..frayed straps, dirty, bits seemed to be missing. This one, however, seemed to be in pretty good nick. A few marks, but it moved well, had the fleecy attachment, even a waterproof cover tucked in the basket at the bottom.

The lady said, “Ooh I still need to decide a price for that one, it’s only just come in. How about £20?”. TWENTY pounds. For a PRAM. I was already sold. Here is a pram that even I could move easily, was so simple to collapse that we did it in the shop by accident, and it just seemed so…good. I know nothing about brands (apart from everyone seems to have maxi cosi, phil&teds or iCandy…maybe I know more a little bit), not heard of Graco, but all seemed to be in working order. So we bought it. Crazy? Maybe a little.

But we’ll use it one day, right? We’re hoping to foster little ones, and it’s exciting to think that this pram just might be a place for them to snuggle down in when we head out. Or a place to forcibly strap them into when we have to just need to get out of the house. I’m under no illusions that babies and kids are all sunshines and rainbows, and I have to be careful not to let my imagination run away with me, but we can still get a little bit excited. Just a teensy bit 😉 so, Graco Evo car seat, anyone?

2016-01-16 16.18.02.png



My only concrete resolution for this year is so get fit. More specifically, to get fit using Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.

Bikini Body…ergh, not something I’ve ever really ascribed or aspired to. Partly because I sort of was alright enough in the tummy department (not flat, I have the usual bulge at the bottom – something I’ve had since early teenage years), but also the fact that I have no real desire to don a bikini. Throw into the mix watching someone I love struggle with anorexia, I was not going to set up some ridiculous ideal for my body to attain when it may just not be how I’m ever going to look. I’m definitely of the philosophy that all bodies are different, and as long as you can love yourself, you’re doing just fine.

Nothing has changed in my desire for a ‘bikini’ body, but I’m going with this particular guide because…well, because it seems to have done some pretty amazing things for lots of women. It seems to be about getting fit and strong, and that being a lifestyle change rather than a ‘how-to-get-a-flat-stomach’ type thing.

I really want to be fit and strong. Although I used to do a lot of running, I’ve never worked on my upper body in my life, and I’m interested to see if my physical shape will change at all. I’ve pretty much looked and weighed the same since my mid-late teens, regardless of how much exercise I did, so I’d kind of accepted that this is just how I am. However, that high metabolism won’t last forever, and I’ve noticed that I’ve put on about half a stone in the last 6 months or so. My tummy’s maybe a bit podgier than before, and my thighs might have expanded a little. It’s not a lot of weight really, but when you’re 5’1″, a few pounds can be the difference between ‘healthy’ and ‘overweight’.

I wouldn’t say I’m overweight, or massively unfit, but I still want to make a change in this regard. I’d like to tone up, and I know the number on the scales may not change, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m curvy and a bit on the stocky side, but I’d rather be stocky with muscle than chocolate chub 😉 I’ve been out of running for coming up to 2 years now because of injury, and even though I started the couch to 5K last summer, I slacked off with my physio exercises, so running became a no-go area. This guide has sessions of low intensity stuff like gentle cycling/swimming/running, but also proper workouts. Legs & cardio, arms & abs, full body…I can’t even do one sit up, so it could be interesting..!

The guide that I’ve bought (only £11.82 as a book on Amazon or Google Play) has a pre-training section, which is a 4 week intro to the style of workouts, followed by 12 weeks of proper training. It’s intense, involves exercise pretty much every day, but has the potential to change my lifestyle for the better. I’ve even got my hubby involved in the arms workout, so hopefully he’ll benefit too 🙂

As part of the Kayla Itsines movement kind of thing (seriously, she’s like some kind of celebrity, people do like #kaylasarmy and everything..) there’s also a whole big thing about eating, and there’s a food guide you can buy as well, but I’m not sure I’d make use of that. Food really is my downfall, I could probably lose weight if I just ate less chocolate, cake and biscuits, but there are plenty of healthy recipes around to help make those changes. To be honest though, it might be a couple of weeks before we think about changing our eating habits – too many sweet things to get through in the house first!

So there we have a sort of ‘here we go’ post. I’m pondering whether or not to track my progress somewhat..week by week might be a bit much, so maybe in a month we’ll see if I’ve actually stuck with it…not something I’m famous for. Here’s to a new routine that actually sticks!

New Year, Same Old Me

Well hello there 2016, you were in a hurry to arrive, weren’t you? As much as we wonder at the passing of time, it’s nice to have an official Fresh Start. Of course, a Fresh Start can happen at any time, but a new year feels like a good time to kick bad habits, start new ones, or even just reassess our priorities in life.

We head into the year with as much certainty as last year (which isn’t a lot!) regarding our short term future (long term future being as certain and sure as ever – thanks Jesus 🙂 ), but there’s no point dwelling on or worrying about that. Days, weeks and months will continue to roll by, may as well do something useful in them rather than contemplate life’s uncertainties!

I’ve never really been one for resolutions…well, not ones that I’d shout about and then have to be accountable for 😉 did I make any last year? [Checks blog history] Not any that I shared on here, so clearly nothing noteworthy. This year, however, I would like to state some…goals? Aims? Plans? Well, some Things that I’d like to do this year. Not some much Things as a Thing. Only one thing, and it’s painfully cliched for this time of year, but hey ho.

You can certainly tell that it’s New Year – the runners are out in full force, the swimming pool is busy, and Aldi has a whole fitness section in their ‘random baskets of stuff that you don’t need but end up buying anyway’. My Thing for the year is part of this – a new exercise/health/fitness routine (I’m tempted to put regime – it certainly reads like a regime!).

I’d been contemplating this particular regime for a few weeks, but didn’t see the point of starting right before Christmas. It also costs money, so I wanted to be at least fairly sure I’d give it a go before purchasing it. Which I have now done. We’re 5 days in, and I’m kicking myself for not keeping up my physio exercises (leg workouts risk making it worse) and I can’t do a sit up. Literally not even one. Sad times.


On a more positive note, swimming is my new favourite thing. I swam for 35 minutes pretty much non-stop, more than I’ve ever managed in my lifetime. For years, I hated swimming, mostly due to all the ‘maintenance’ involved before I felt comfortable to step out in a swimsuit, but also because it just exhausted me. Now, it’ll hopefully be a weekly trip more me and my hubby (he particularly enjoys the sauna at our local pool :)).


Post-swimming curls

The overall goal of the whole fitness thing is just to be fit and strong. I want to do the best I can for my body – I’ve coasted on a high metabolism and a good level of fitness for too long. Watch this space 😉

Outside of getting a bit fitter and eating less chocolate, I’ve not really made any other goals. Sure, I’d love to knit and crochet more than last year (only 5 completed projects in the whole 12 months…), maybe start some embroidery, read more, be a better friend/wife/person, buy a house, eat more kale…


The thing is, I don’t want life to become one long to do list. Striving for this, then that, then the other, all in an effort to complete The List and suddenly, that will make me an Awesome Person. It’s great to have goals and go for them, but I don’t want them to become my benchmark for feeling good about myself.

On the other hand, a few concrete things to aim for might not be a bad thing (see my vague fitness goals last year – let’s just say that journey was pretty much over before it began!). After my first week back at work, however, I’m not feeling all that articulate in the realm of thinking beyond bedtime tonight, so let’s leave the goal-setting for another day.

[I feel like this post was maybe going somewhere life-changing, then it came back to earth with a bump. Soz guys…aim for this year – use less abbreviations!]