We bought a pram

We bought a pram. We BOUGHT a PRAM.

2016-01-16 16.16.00.png

Yep. We own a pram. Do we have kids? Nope. Am I pregnant? Nada. And yet, we bought a pram. It’s currently sitting in a corner of our bedroom, folded up and ready. But ready for what, exactly? Why on earth do we, a young, childless couple, have a pram in our bedroom? Good question.

2016-01-16 16.14.31.png

Today has been a day of odd jobs. Bank, supermarket, that kind of thing. The bank happens to be in an area full of charity shops. We perused a few, my hubby found a nice coat for a tenner, I found a nice coat for £8. On a whim, we went into the last shop as we headed back to the car park, and as my Mr looked at DVDs, I spotted the pram. We’d seen one in Oxfam earlier, a Bugaboo with carrycot and normal buggy seat, for £50, but it was in a bad way..frayed straps, dirty, bits seemed to be missing. This one, however, seemed to be in pretty good nick. A few marks, but it moved well, had the fleecy attachment, even a waterproof cover tucked in the basket at the bottom.

The lady said, “Ooh I still need to decide a price for that one, it’s only just come in. How about £20?”. TWENTY pounds. For a PRAM. I was already sold. Here is a pram that even I could move easily, was so simple to collapse that we did it in the shop by accident, and it just seemed so…good. I know nothing about brands (apart from everyone seems to have maxi cosi, phil&teds or iCandy…maybe I know more a little bit), not heard of Graco, but all seemed to be in working order. So we bought it. Crazy? Maybe a little.

But we’ll use it one day, right? We’re hoping to foster little ones, and it’s exciting to think that this pram just might be a place for them to snuggle down in when we head out. Or a place to forcibly strap them into when we have to just need to get out of the house. I’m under no illusions that babies and kids are all sunshines and rainbows, and I have to be careful not to let my imagination run away with me, but we can still get a little bit excited. Just a teensy bit 😉 so, Graco Evo car seat, anyone?

2016-01-16 16.18.02.png


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