On the Road to Fitness: go go go!

Yes, that is a positive title, after a positive month! Having decided to get fit last year, there have been ups and downs, but mostly downs. My lack of self-discipline was my downfall, both in the areas of eating and exercising πŸ˜‰ Back in October, I started cycling to work and actually kept that up for most of the half term, butΒ much unhealthy food was still being eaten. I think I began to sleep better which is a bonus, so not all bad.

Come January, I decided to embark on a new routine. I blogged about it here, and I thought it’d be good to do an update just over a month in.

The big woop is that I’ve stuck with it! For a WHOLE MONTH. Partay. Three workouts a week (I only missed one when I was ill), and low intensity exercise most days in between. I’ll admit, I’ve not stuck to it religiously – in the first week I only did half the time I was supposed to as I just couldn’t do it, and I’ve changed a few exercises that left me collapsing on my face (my first attempt at a proper press up – hilarious), as well as missing all my in between exercising this week (just, you know, cos I’m a bit lazy πŸ˜‰ ). My eating is still pretty atrocious (still not gone a day chocolate free since..I don’t know when..!), but hey, I ate salad for lunch the other week. Which I made myself. With avocado and beetroot and everything. Can I get a woop woop?!


I’ve just finished Week 1 of the guide, having completed 4 weeks of pre-training, and I’m ready to power on as far as I can. I’m sure I’m stronger than I was before – I can now do press ups so that’s progress πŸ™‚ The workouts only take half an hour after work and they stop me from falling asleep on the sofa, which is always a bonus.

We’ve started going swimming early Saturday or Sunday morning, too. Me and my hubby go together, and I swim for about 40 minutes and my hubby does 10-15 lengths then goes in the sauna. I love swimming, having hated it forΒ years,Β I’ve found I love it now. It’s great finding a new sport to enjoy, especially since running is probably still off limits for me.

All in all, January was a really great month fitness-wise. My focus now is on food and trying to ‘make better choices’ (can you tell I work with children?). Whilst I’m off this week, I’m hoping to tackle snacks and have bought plenty of fruit and green leaves to make smoothies in a bid to steer clear of the chocolate and biscuits. We’ll see how that one goes…


One thought on “On the Road to Fitness: go go go!

  1. helenroastchickenandacountrywalk

    Well done you! I love swimming too-it’s the only excercise except walking that I actually enjoy! I’d recommend home Pilates too-nice and stretchy and hard enough but not too hard! Totally relate about the choices too-I’m too much about the white wine, but have managed to reduce lately and feel so much better πŸ™‚


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