We bought a…

Last month it was all about the pram, this time the purchase is slightly bigger, slightly more mental and a lot more exciting. This time, we bought a house. We BOUGHT a HOUSE. Whaaaaat?!

So technically we don’t own it. We haven’t quite bought a house. Our offer has been accepted. Which still feels HUGE. AHHHHHHHH!

Two weeks ago, we weren’t buying a house. I was going to work til the end of this academic year, then leave to either become a full-time foster mum or do a Masters in Translation. We then went to see a mortgage adviser who was like, “Yes, you can get a mortgage (even though my hubby is on a temporary contract)”, and everything changed. Suddenly, I’m looking for a new job that pays a little bit more and isn’t in a school because I’m going to be working for at least the next year, we’ve looked at houses, made a couple of offers. Say what.

It’s only overwhelmed me once, cue a lot of crying and reassuring words from my Mr and all was well. Which is a good thing, because the next day, one of the offers was accepted – boom!

It’s not in the best state, I mean it’s definitely liveable once it’s had a good scrub down, but there are a couple of things we’d like to do. Like tear off all the wallpaper and redecorate, as well as put tiles in the bathroom and replace all the windows (in the whole house). Oh and re-do the floors everywhere and put a new light in kitchen. That’s after we’ve taken off all the units, figured out where the damp behind the washing machine is coming from, sorted that out and then maybe remodel the whole kitchen. Not forgetting making the entrance to the kitchen wider my knocking down some of the wall. Not to mention all the doors that need either replacing or sanding down and repainting. Whilst we’re at it, we may as well re-do the bathroom and make the attic room larger once we’ve got central heating up there and added another velux window at the back. So you know, just a couple of things πŸ˜‰

We love it though. Large, spacious rooms, a hallway (I am ridiculously excited about this hallway), outdoor space that’s secure, a bay window…exciting times..! Trying to stay at least a bit objective as it could all fall through (as these things do), but God willing, this will be the home where we will see through the next few years at the very least, maybe even have kids there. Now there’s a scary thought…



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