One of Those Weeks

Oh my, what a week. What. A. Week. Ok, so in the grand scheme of things, it really wasn’t that bad. Sometimes work just sucks at the same time as other stuff being rubbish too, and it all feels a bit overwhelming. That pretty much sums up this week.

I cooked once; a vegetable soup that I put too much kale in so it tasted gross. I gag just thinking about it. Then we had Pizza Hut. Ergh, always regret (except I don’t, it was greasy goodness that I had for lunch today and will have for breakfast tomorrow). My working out happened once out of three this week.

The main thing has been the house we’re venturing to buy. House issues, people. HOUSE ISSUES. The survey came back – it was not a good day. So many problems. Damp, boiler, electrics, the roof, joinery (what even is that?), windows…it was dire. I mean we knew it needed work, but that amount of work? And the valuation being £11,000 below our offer (which itself was below the asking price) – what’s with that?!

So it feels a bit like we’re back to square 1. If the vendor won’t drop the price to the valuation price (I have a feeling she won’t), then we are outta there. A few hundred pounds worse off (boo), but wiser because of it.

I’m a firm believer in learning from mistakes, so here’s a list of things that I have learnt this week.

  • Cooking a proper meal will make you feel better. Choose a foolproof meal that has less chance of going wrong (steak and chips tonight – amazing).
  • Sing some gospel truths to help set your mind and heart on Jesus.
  • Moaning won’t make a problem go away (knew that one already, but it’s good to be reminded!).
  • Spring flowers are good for the soul.
  • When viewing a house, ask if any surveys have been done that you can look at.
  • Eating greasy pizza and chocolate biscuits won’t make you feel better in the long run…
  • …but sometimes you just eat them anyway, and that’s ok 🙂

And breath. Life will keep trundling along, and us with it.



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