The Wall

The Wall. We’ve all hit it. That point in your journey where you just can’t go any further, whether that’s out of sheer exhaustion or just lack of motivation. As a runner (in a previous life…), the wall felt like a burning chest and legs that ceased to work; as a teaching assistant, it feels like zero patience and nothing left to give.

There tends to be a wall for most things. I’ve hit my New Year fitness routine wall recently. Two weeks ago, I felt rubbish about life so didn’t do my workouts and ate too many biscuits, then I was actually ill last week so I did 2 out of 3 workouts, only doing half of each (and still ate too many biscuits). I seem to have given up completely of doing the other exercise in between, I haven’t cycled to work in about a month and we haven’t been swimming since January. Boo.

My wall is a lack of motivation wall. It’s ‘meh’ and ‘can’t be bothered’ and ‘I’d rather be watching YouTube in my PJs thanks’. It was bound to happen, I’d been on it for over a month, so we all knew this was coming. But what do we do when we hit the wall?

We give up and walk away, of course! Haha, jokes. Seriously though, that it so me, the whole walking away thing. I’ve given up on many a-project or hobby when the wall comes. It might only be a little garden wall to start with, but the longer you wait to jump over it, the taller and wider in becomes until you just couldn’t possibly defeat it, so it defeats you.

Ah-ha, not this time though 🙂 today, I got my kit on and did a leg day. Bring it on. I’m now Jelly Legs and will feel it tomorrow big time, but I’ve taken a sledgehammer to that wall and I will knock it down (#thisgirlcan woo). Ok, so I might be taking the wall metaphor too far, but sometimes it’s like this moment from Run Fat Boy Run…

Let’s DO this!



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