Neglectful blogger…again

Wow, so time just keeps passing doesn’t it…since when did April become a thing?! Argh.

I’ve really got out of the blogging swing since I stopped joining the few linkies that I’d been doing. I suppose I don’t have a ‘thing’ that I write about…you know, no babies to coo over, no ‘family adventures’ to share, no house renovations to document, no major fitness journey that I feel so passionate about I just want to tell the world how great it is, and I don’t create things enough for that to be a regular thing. So should I just pack it in? Is this yet another sort-of-hobby that’ll fall by the wayside?

NO. I’m determined not to let it be that. There’s something new and exciting to be writing about which might focus me a bit, but I enjoy this little secret space. And it’s just that, secret. My hubby is the only person who knows me who knows about it. Not sure why, guess I just wanted to be a bit less self-conscious of what I post, but I’ll endeavour to neglect this corner less in the future 🙂



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