Three months later…

Haha so after bemoaning my neglectfulness, I post nothing..go me 😉

I feel it is time to update on my ‘Fitness Journey’ as I’ve been sort of calling it. Since January, I’ve been working out a few times a week using a programme pretty intense to say the least..! I’ve modified something almost every time – either because I don’t have the equipment or I just physically cannot do it (I’m looked at you, raised leg tricep dips).

So how’s it going…well, it’s going. At least it was until the leg workouts became too much for my still-injured knee (soo much jumping) so I dropped one day..then this week is a bit of a ‘meh do I really need or want to do that?’. This was me yesterday…


Mary Poppins vs. Workout…neither won in the end 😉

Although I probably am stronger, I honestly feel no different. My abs are maybe a tiny bit more noticeable, but the constant chocolate consumption prevents them from being too obvious. The BBG programme is all about progress photos and I can see that they’d be great, but I never took any so i couldn’t really say if I’ve changed physically.

Hmm. And there was me thinking that writing a blog post might make me feel positive about my progress..! Maybe I will go and get started on Week 10 after all…


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