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Let the [whatever it is] commence!


Two very excited little hobbits ready to hit Screwfix and get started on the new house!

We have a house – hooray! It’s a fab house, we love it. Victorian terrace (most houses round here are!), high ceilings, spacious rooms, lots of hallways (randomly, most terraces have none but we have an abundance!), a backyard, a decent cellar…all good stuff. Problem is, it’s a bit stuck in the past. I’m talking textured wallpaper, peach doors and 70s gas fire. Lovely. It’s also lacking tiles in the bathroom so the room needs a complete overhaul, and I am not a fan of the kitchen. Lots to do….

Thankfully we had a bank holiday this week – woop – so we were able to make a start. Bright and early (ish) we headed off to Screwfix to get ourselves a wallpaper steamer and some bits and bobs to get started.


This will be our regular jaunt from now on I feel…!

Leaving with a little more than we anticipated (although not the power drill my hubby had his eye on..), we headed straight to the house. Our house. Eek!


Hubby’s plan was to get the lounge as sorted as possible so we’ll have a liveable space whilst the rest of the house is in a mess (we have to move in in 2 weeks), so that’s where we started. After pottering around a bit, my hubby got his hammer out and started bashing the gas fire surround out. Our poor neighbours..


Oh and we decided that we’d rip the floor up. Awkwardly, the guy whose house it was had to come round and show us where the water stop tap is the other evening and he saw that we’d ripped the floor up – he was a bit horrified as they’d only had it in 2 years..! Oops.


Next for wallpaper stripping… The steamer was brilliant, a sound investment considering there is wallpaper in every room. Every. Single. Room. Even in the bathroom. Much of the wallpaper has also been painted over – joyous. We’ll be experts by the end of this!


It was a long day, but with lovely friends bringing us lunch and picnicking on our soon-to-be bedroom floor and my Mr dashing off to purchase a scaffold from Aldi, we got the whole room done – hurrah!


YEY! We took the rail off with a view to getting a new one and there’s also a clear mark where the picture rail used to be (you can just about see it in this picture) which I realllly want to put back in – we have one in the house we rent at the moment and I really like that as a feature. Once the plumber has removed the fire and we’ve figured out what to do with the chimney breast for the time being, it’ll be time to paint…exciting!



Oh hello there Milestone, you crept up on us rather quickly, didn’t you? After a rushed weekend of transferring money and signing a tree’s worth of paper, we completed on our house on Friday. The third house that we viewed and the first house that we really loved is OURS. Whaaaaaat.

It wasn’t totally plain sailing – the survey threw up some potential dilemmas and that delayed things by about a month and we renegotiated (dug our heels in, knocked a decent sum off) and now, a month after the renegotiated offer being accepted – we own a house! Crazy times. Now the fun begins…