…and we’re in!

It has been All Systems Go for the last month. We had to pack up the old house alongside prepping the new place for us to move into. I did NOT enjoy that period…! Wallpaper stripping, floor removing, packing, bathroom destroying, more packing… We had hoped to move in with the lounge and bedroom ready to go. That didn’tΒ quiteΒ happen, but progress was (and is being) made.

The rooms we’ve been concentrating on are the lounge and the bedroom though. No matter how much I banged on about the bathroom, my hubby was right to focus on those two. Having a liveable space that you can escape to at the end of the day is essential, and the bathroom was all working so we left that alone (notice the past tense…). In my last post, we’d completely stripped the lounge. Here’s how it’s getting on now, largely thanks to my Mr having a week off and a good friend spending a day painting it white…!

Wahey! It felt soo good to have clean walls, it felt more like we were making progress. Re-plastering would have made it much smoother with less little nooks and holes, but it seemed like a bit of a pointless expenditure, so we just painted 5 coats of white emulsion and then colour went on top.

And on it went! The peach door is looking more and more out of place, but the walls are looking fab πŸ˜€ What I love is how much it is like the sky on a clear day. Bringing the outside in and all that. I decided to do the other walls with a lovely ‘Goose Down’ grey. They go really well together, and it is a bit patchy as we did it all ourselves, but we can touch it up if it bugs us πŸ˜‰

20160531_22115720160531_224540 (1)

It is now all finished, with 2 coats of grey everywhere except for the chimney breast. The skirting boards could do with sanding down and repainting, as could the coving, and we need to replace the dodo rail, but it’s more and more like a room…


Oh and did I mention the chimney breast?! We took out the slightly blergh gas fire, and as my hubby knocked back plaster work, he realised that there doesn’t seem to be a supporting arch for it, so that’s the first job of the builder next week…! As you can see, the TV mount has been ready to go – priorities πŸ˜‰



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