Our Bedroom

The second room in the house to get some serious attention was the master bedroom. It had some rather fetching textured wallpaper that needed to disappear, as well as an old carpet and some random box bits on the wall.

It began in much the same way, but we soon ran into difficulty. Not only was the wallpaper textured, it had been painted over. Twice. This room took us two days to complete. Two whole days! My hubby had fun bashing the random boxes either side of the chimney breast apart, which showed to be there purely for decorative purposes thankfully. All that was needed now was filling in of all the (many) holes and a spot of plastering around the chimney breast.

We then got started on some base coats of white emulsion. The plaster is pretty old, but rather than blow a few hundred pounds per room, we’ve gone for the skim filler and many layers of paint approach… 😉 more friends popped in to help – I am so grateful to them for giving the ceiling (more textured wallpaper that we’ve decided not to rip off..!) a coat of white – I tried and being such a shortie, it really hurt my back!


The inevitable colour debate ensued. 50 Shades of Green. I think I only made my mind up 2 days before carpets arrived (and we had to be finished), but it looks fab now…


Again, a little patchy around the edges, and we’ll probably never touch them up or do the skirting boards, but it’s so good to look back and see the transformation. I’m hoping to be a bit more on top of things blog-wise so that we don’t forget how much time and effort we put into the end result. Ooh and did you spot the carpet? Lounge and bedroom were carpeted yesterday which is SO exciting…we’ve been sleeping in the loft since we moved in nearly 2 weeks ago, which has been fine, but it was so nice to build the bed yesterday (my Mr did most of it…) and we look forward to sleeping there tonight. Ikea arrives tomorrow, so by the weekend, the whole room should be done..apart from boxing round some pipes…and sorting door. But you know, nearly done 😀




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