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Oh boy. What a whirlwind of a summer. I hardly know where the whole season went or what we did (aside from a lovely holiday), but Autumn is most definitely here and I’m beginning to reflect a bit on the past few months.

It has been…not (always) manic, but busy. Very busy. A new job for my hubby, me leaving my job and becoming a full-time lady of leisure house renovator, said house making progress at varying speeds, the fostering process tripping and stumbling along as we navigate the house renovation and try (sometimes desperately) to get it finished. That has mostly been it, but man ALIVE is it a huge project, one that I do not want to take on again in a hurry (or ever, for that matter).

Giving ourselves the deadline of fostering maybe wasn’t so wise; we might have been better off (read: I might have been less stressed and overwhelmed) putting the process on hold until all things house-related were complete and all loose ends were neatly tied up. But this is life, and sometimes you make decisions that you don’t fully understand for reasons that you can’t quite articulate, so although I know that from an outside perspective we look mental, I’m trusting that God has this in hand – His timing trumps ours every time.

So yes, house renovation is huge. And I’m finally calling it that – for a few months I didn’t really think that we were renovating our house. Even when the bathroom had been ripped out, we had no shower or cooking facilities and there was a huge hole in the kitchen wall, I still didn’t call it a house renovation. I now realise that we have indeed renovated our whole house, not a single room or hallway has been left untouched, and we *might* be able to say that it only took us 6 months (19 days left to see if that statement will ring true or not). It is huge, and it is exhausting and overwhelming. I have cried many times and given myself headaches by making mental to-do lists and constantly planning, planning, planning.


It’s not been all doom and gloom though :p I have learnt new skills and discovered amazing things. Like caulk – covers up grotty edges like a dream. And baby wipes can clean anything. I can now tile fairly confidently…


…fit a carpet to a not-too-horrendous standard…


…hang curtains (soon to add ‘make curtains’ to that list….hopefully!), build kitchen cabinets (as easy as Ikea, honestly), build kitchen drawers (NOT as easy as Ikea)…


…and fit handles! None of these jobs are beyond the average person, especially not with the help of YouTube – an amazing resource.

The end is now in sight. There will have to be one final push (and a pretty big one at that) to get it Health and Safety ready for fostering if we want to make panel in time (it’s already been pushed back three times), but we are so nearly there. We have a fully functioning house that we can actually live in and enjoy without clambering over ladders and toolboxes and finding random pieces of sandpaper everywhere. We have nearly, so very nearly unpacked, hey we even managed to host family this weekend! I can finally plan meals again and cook in our very own kitchen that we built and fitted ourselves (with help from my hubby’s Dad, obvs..), and the to-do list is gradually getting shorter. Yes, it has been a whirlwind of a summer, to the extent where I think it’s still Spring because we didn’t do our usual summer stuff of getting out to the Peaks or visiting family, but here’s to a more relaxing autumn…until kids arrive and we head into a craaaazy winter…!


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