The Bathroom

Blergh what a miserable morning. It’s cold, grey and it’s raining. The kind of morning when you just want to be curled up on the sofa under a blanket reading a book, not getting your DIY clothes on to grout the kitchen tiles. I know, I know, first world problems.

As I’m starting to flag a little on the let’s-get-this-house-finished front, I thought it might be a good method of procrastination encouragement to see what we have managed to do. It would be lovely if we could look back in years to come and remember, ‘Oh yes, I’d forgotten that the bathroom was purple and we lived without a working shower for 2 months’. Ok, let’s be honest, we’ll probably never forget that fact, but it helps to look back on it and be grateful for what we now have.

So, we will start with the bathroom.

Now before we moved in, I literally banged on about getting this room finished non-stop. Like, seriously. In the end, we didn’t actually start on it until we moved in, and it required a lot of work (which we did nearly all of ourselves with a lot of help and guidance from a plumber friend), hence the living without a shower for 2 months (there were even a couple weeks without a sink..!). I don’t have a proper ‘before’ shot, but picture this: purple walls, striped wallpaper (purple, green and cream), peach door and cupboards, black lino flooring. It was quite a sight to behold.

I wasn’t present for much of the ripping out of the bathroom – I was painting our bedroom – but my hubby and his friend (who used to be a plumber) pulled out the old shower and the pipes that went round the wall to the boiler, smashed the cast iron bath to pieces (I’m surprised they didn’t go deaf afterwards…) and got rid of it, then pulled out the sink and tore some of the plaster off that had just gone horrible (there were no tiles around the shower so all the moisture had just been absorbed…lovely). After they’d made channels for the new shower pipes, it was looking something like this…


…! The toilet is just out of shot but thankfully we were never without a working loo. Praise the Lord.

Once the shower pipes were in and the wall had been bonded (a kind of rough plaster), it was time to install the bath.


Once that was in, as was the sink by this point, it was time to tile. We went for metro tiles with grey grout, cheap and cheerful from B&Q, and off we went.

There were a few mishaps – tiles not sticking which then fell off, having to cut awkward corners (thankfully we borrowed an electric tile cutter)…and grouting was a NIGHTMARE. It dries soo quickly and is basically concrete, so impossible to work with once it’s dry. But it was on, and didn’t look too bad!



We began to fit the shower, got the shower screen in place, and the moment had arrived…the first shower in the new house!

Sadly, all did not go to plan. I woke up at 6am the following morning and went to the loo where I could hear this dripping sound. It wasn’t coming from the shower head to I peeked under the bath. My heart literally dropped. There was water coursing down the back wall where the shower pipes were, and there were water marks on the floor the length of the bath. I switched the valves off and went downstairs where you could see the water making it’s way down the wall. Thankfully it wasn’t dripping, but it wasn’t far off! So basically, the shower was leaking, badly. Turns out we’d cut the pipes too short, so we had to break some of the tiles off (sob!), knock the plaster out and pull the pipes out.


Such a sad moment. It was all fine though – we got plumbers to fit the shower this time and HOORAY no leaking pipes, and finally, 2 months after moving in, we could shower in our own house!


The bathroom remained untouched for about a month before the painting began. I’d had enough of those purple walls – so we went white. Everywhere. Walls, ceiling, cupboard…the room now looks like an igloo. In a good way 🙂 Here is a very blurry picture of where we’re up to now…


…finished touches are being added, you’ll notice that we still need to put the floor down, but it is so so nearly there.

And with that, I’m off to cut plywood for the bathroom floor, ready to put some rather lovely vinyl tiles down – let’s get this room finished!


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