Day…5? 6? Who knows…

Today is the 1st of November. It’s the first day of the month that could see us go from zero to three kids overnight. In 3 weeks time (THREE WEEKS), I could have done my first school run (a 40 minute journey, so I may well be napping!). They might have spent their first night here. OH MAN.

It is feeling so much more real. Having actual children to be coming here, not just abstract ‘Ooh it could be a 3 year old girl or a newborn boy’, but definite children – names and everything – is insane. I can remember when our social worker told me their names, it really hit me. I wasn’t expecting it, way back in our first conversation about them, and then BAM. And we might get a photo this week….eeek!

It’s now…almost a week since we got The Call. The Call that changed everything! And I am so so glad that it did. I’m now looking forward to them arriving – not particularly about what we’ll get up to, or how amazing it will be (let’s face it, it probably won’t be all that amazing most of the time!), rather getting to know them, and generally giving them some permanence, for now at least. Everything is still a big question mark with regards to their long term future, but I’m excited to have them here, whatever that will look like 🙂


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