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Fruit and Flowers

Another year down! We’ve made it through 4 years of marriage…wahoo 😀

Reading my post from a year ago, it’s strange to think about what’s changed. As a couple, what’s different? Is anything different? Probably, not sure I can articulate it though. You can see the practical changes much more easily: we’ve moved house twice in the last year, bought a house, we’re applying to become foster carers, my hubby got a permanent job, and life is looking a lot more…predictable than it did last year. Not that we can envisage how life will look when we have kids in our home, but this time last year, there was little that was certain about our future. We had plans and ideas, but nothing was concrete.

Yet here we are, 12 months later, with a mortgage, one job for life, and me having clarity on what I want to do, for the next few years at least. Whaaat.

Marriage is as fun as ever, and I’m (still) learning every day to appreciate the wonderful man that God has blessed me with. We have a long way to go in this wisdom-in-marriage malarky, and I’m sure the Five Year Post will see much more noticeable change in us as a couple (I hear that kids do that to you…). Year Four has been fab though, let’s see what the next one brings!

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